While the Nexus Prime may have accidentally been outed as “coming soon”, many were wondering what the original reason behind the delay was to begin with. According to Samsung, the reason why the event has been pushed back is due to the company deciding to express their tribute to the passing of Steve Jobs, which sounds about right and a rather respectable move, especially considering that both Apple and Samsung aren’t exactly on the best of terms at the moment.

However Eldar Murtazin, a famed blogger who has managed to land some pretty heavy hitting scoops in the past, has tweeted that apparently this delay is due to Google removing certain features from either/both the Nexus Prime or/and Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 due to possible patent infringement lawsuits in the future.

Given that this will be Google’s third Nexus device in their series, and it is manufactured by Samsung who is already embroiled in a series of patent infringement lawsuits against Apple, further complications and potential lawsuits in the near future is probably something Google/Samsung is hoping to avoid, especially if it were to come from their platform and handset manufacturer rival, Apple. While the rumors have suggested a 3rd of November release of the Nexus Prime, Eldar Murtazin’s tweet just states “No timeline for this job.”

While he has managed to land some scoops in the past, he has also had his fair share of misses, so until the official word has been given, let’s just take this with a grain of salt.

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