NBC Sunday Night Football Stream For Mobile Launches Next Year

The NFL had an exclusive streaming deal with Verizon that recently ended. That has enabled NBCUniversal to reach a deal with the NFL to stream Sunday Night Football games via TV Everywhere on smartphones, PCs, and tablets. Verizon has inked a new contract but it’s on a non-exclusive basis. The deal is not going to take effect until next year and since it covers the 2018 season, viewers will be […]

Twitter’s New NFL Deal Brings Live Video Sans Games

Twitter’s deal with NFL for its Thursday Night Football games ended this year. Amazon is now streaming those games but the microblogging network has inked another deal with the NFL. While the new deal does feature live video it doesn’t include any games.

NFL Creating VR Series For Google Daydream And YouTube

The NFL is creating a new virtual reality series for YouTube and Google’s Daydream View VR headset. It’s going to be a 9-part series that’s going to be filmed in 360-degree virtual reality. The series will be released later this month on YouTube and it will eventually arrive on Google’s Daydream View headset at some point later this year. The series is being produced using Google’s 360-degree rig called Google […]

Sling TV Now Offers NFL Network And NFL RedZone

Dish’s internet TV streaming service called Sling TV is now becoming even more attractive for sports fans, particularly football fans. Sling TV has announced that it will soon be launching NFL Network and NFL RedZone. The channels will be launched in time for regular season kick-off in the coming weeks. This will enable Sling TV users to watch every touchdown with NFL RedZone and extensive coverage around the clock from […]


PlayStation Vue Gets NFL Network And NFL RedZone

Sony’s PlayStation Vue TV streaming service will soon become very attractive to sports fans, football fans in particular. It has been announced today that both NFL Network and NFL RedZone will soon be available via PlayStation Vue. NFL Media has signed a deal with Sony for national distribution of NFL Network and NFL RedZone on its internet TV streaming service. Both live TV channels will be added to Vue in […]

Steelers Rely On Robots During Practice

Technology has certainly helped the world of sports to be even more competitive, as there are various metrics that can be taken into consideration for improvement in performance. In football, “MVP” normally means most valuable player, but it happens to be known as the Mobile Virtual Player among the Steelers. The MVP here is a robotic dummy that can be operated via a remote control, and is being experimented with […]

Classic NFL Games Heading To YouTube

If you just can’t get enough of NFL content online then you will be very happy to find out that the NFL has renewed its “strategic partnership” with YouTube. Basically, what this means is that there’s now going to be even more NFL content on the world’s largest video streaming website. NFL is going to add dozens of classic games to YouTube as part of this deal.

Apple Reportedly Drops Out Of Bid To Stream NFL Games

Last month there were reports that there were several tech companies interested in acquiring the streaming rights to some of the NFL’s game. One of the companies mentioned was Apple, but a report from Re/code has revealed that Apple has since dropped out of the race as they figured that it would be too expensive, and it probably won’t have that big of an impact they want with the Apple […]

Watching Football Might Never Be The Same Again

Sports is one particular area of life that sees people from many nations, creed and color come together in unity, especially when they are supporting the same team. Over the years, there has been nothing better than to attend a live event to soak up all of the atmosphere. It seems that Microsoft wants you to revel in the carnival-like setting of a big matchday with the help of their […]

TuneIn Premium Subscribers Now Get NFL Radio Feeds

If you’re one of the many people who subscribe to TuneIn premium then rejoice because you’re now going to get more bang for your buck, the company has announced that subscribers of its monthly premium service will now have access to radio feeds for all NFL games, from the pre-season all the way to the Super Bowl for no extra charge.

CBS Will Stream Two Regular NFL Games Free

For the first time this year CBS is going to provide a live stream of two upcoming regular season NFL games for free without requiring people to have a subscription, pay a cable provider or go through any kind of authentication process before they can access the live stream. The live stream will be provided for free and will be open to everybody who wants to watch those two regular season […]

NFL To Broadcast One Of Its Games Via The Internet Only

If you’re trying to catch a game of football, chances are you’d turn on your TV or head on over to a sports bar where the game might be showing on their TV too. However these days with companies starting to stream their content online via content providers such as Netflix, and with companies like HBO branching off with HBO Now, it seems that the NFL has decided that maybe […]

NFL Video Highlights To Arrive On YouTube And Google

Surely there was no general, all round good feeling when ironed out a deal with the NFL that allowed the social network to play video clips before YouTube, but it seems that the folks over at Google have not actually given up in any way. In fact, Google has also announced that they too, have come to an agreement with the NFL in time for one of the biggest sporting […]

NFL Clips Sponsored By Verizon Land On Facebook

Facebook has been working to improve its online video product, both for users and for advertisers, and it has now gained a major new partner. Clips from the National Football League will be displayed to Facebook users with a caveat, these clips are ad-supported, so highlights from the game will come with advertisements from Verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the country.