madden-25-amazon-nfl-sunday-ticket-directvSurely there was no general, all round good feeling when ironed out a deal with the NFL that allowed the social network to play video clips before YouTube, but it seems that the folks over at Google have not actually given up in any way. In fact, Google has also announced that they too, have come to an agreement with the NFL in time for one of the biggest sporting events in the US each year – the Super Bowl. This means there is an NFL YouTube channel just meant for official highlights, where Google will also deliver the likes of video, scores, broadcast times and other information within its search results.

Need an example? Let us say that you type in “New England Patriots”, it will deliver the score as well as a recap of the team’s AFC championship game against the Colts. In addition, one will also be able to enjoy a video preview for the Super Bowl. It seems that there is a “price” attached to this – Google will be splitting the ad revenue with the league, which is a pretty fair exchange in itself. YouTube is touted to deliver clips only, and not the full game so that there will be no competition with other NFL broadcasters. Makes plenty of sense!

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