Sports is one particular area of life that sees people from many nations, creed and color come together in unity, especially when they are supporting the same team. Over the years, there has been nothing better than to attend a live event to soak up all of the atmosphere. It seems that Microsoft wants you to revel in the carnival-like setting of a big matchday with the help of their HoloLens, and you can read Microsoft’s dream in the extended post.

“Imagine The Big Game, extended beyond your existing screen, with displays, player stats and instant replays on your coffee table. With HoloLens, running Windows 10, your favorite players could be brought to life through high-definition, 3D displays – allowing you to experience the athleticism and skills behind their stats. That game-changing play could pop up as a 3D hologram so you could view the field from all angles, all while your fantasy scores update in real-time, without the need for you to look down at another screen.”

The video that you view above might be a concept, but no doubt it will be impressive should it achieve all that it wants to achieve. HoloLens will be more and more commonplace, and there will always be new avenues from where usage scenarios are envisioned – be it in the education line, for architecture or even medicine. Do you think that having HoloLens in the living room will help boost the home entertainment sector? [Press Release]

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