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Nikon Confirms Development Of Next-Gen Mirrorless Camera
In a recent teaser video uploaded by Nikon, it seemed to hint that the company could have a new mirrorless camera in the works. This doesn’t come as a surprise as we have been hearing such rumors for a while now. For fans of Nikon who are hoping to see better mirrorless cameras from the company, it seems that the rumors are true.

Nikon Teases Upcoming Mirrorless Camera
Photographers have probably heard that Nikon is working on new mirrorless cameras, and for those who are interested in seeing what the company has to offer, it appears that the company has posted a teaser video on YouTube in which many speculate could be about its upcoming mirrorless offerings.

Nikon’s Mirrorless Camera Announcement Set For August 23
When photographers think of DSLRs, it would not be surprising if their minds immediately jumped to brands like Nikon or Canon. However when it comes to mirrorless, there is a good chance many are thinking of brands such as Sony or Fujifilm, but that’s something that Nikon probably wants to change.

Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Launched With 125x Optical Zoom
Nikon today announced the launch of its new COOLPIX P1000 camera which promises “Superzoom” with its 125x optical zoom capability. The 24-3000mm equivalent 125x optical zoom is backed by high performance NIKKOR optics which make this camera perfect for sports, wildlife, birding, and celestial photographers who require great performance from extreme distances.


Two Full-Frame Mirrorless Nikon Cameras Rumored For This Summer
Nikon is known for their DSLRs, but given that we’re starting to see more photographers, amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals move to smaller and more portable mirrorless cameras, that’s a market that Nikon isn’t doing particularly well in, at least not compared to the likes of Sony.

Nikon 1 Reportedly Semi-Discontinued In Canada
nikon 1Nikon’s mirrorless efforts haven’t seen the greatest success, at least not compared to its DSLR lineup. Now we have heard the rumors that Nikon could be developing a new mirrorless camera system, and now it looks like the company could be slowly starting to phase out the existing Nikon 1 series.

Nikon’s New Mirrorless Cameras Expected To Launch In Spring 2019
We have been hearing rumors that Nikon is developing a new mirrorless camera (or cameras) so the only question is when will we actually get to see them? Unfortunately for Nikon fans and enthusiasts, it seems that you guys will have a bit of waiting to do because it looks like these cameras will only be launching in the spring of 2019.

Nikon Developing New Mirrorless Camera At A ‘Rapid Pace’
We have been hearing the rumors for a while now that Nikon is developing a new mirrorless camera. While the company has a few mirrorless cameras in their lineup, it’s safe to say that they haven’t really seen the same level of success that companies like Sony or Fujifilm have experienced.

Nikon D850 Filmmaker Kit Launched In The US
Back then when it came to filming movies and videos in general, you would need a dedicated video camera to do so. However these days DSLRs come with video recording features which actually can do more than just hold their own. In fact if you’re looking to get into filmmaking, you might be interested in Nikon’s latest launch.

Sony Exec Predicts Full-Frame Nikon, Canon Mirrorless To Arrive In Next 12 Months
When it comes to full-frame mirrorless cameras, it’s safe to say that Sony’s pretty much got the market cornered with their A7 and A9 mirrorless cameras. However this isn’t to say that other companies are going to take this lying down as we have heard rumors that companies like Nikon and Canon have something in the works.

Nikon Might Not Have A New Mirrorless Camera To Show At CP+
Word on the street has it that Nikon has a new mirrorless camera in the works, which following the apparent discontinuation of the Nikon 1 V3 makes sense. However if you were hoping that Nikon might have something to show at the upcoming CP+ photography event, then prepare to be disappointed.

Nikon’s New Mirrorless Camera Rumored To Sport Two Electric AF Motors
Word has it that Nikon is working on a new mirrorless camera, and given that Nikon’s previous mirrorless efforts haven’t exactly panned out, it is understandable that the company might be working to make their next mirrorless camera even better. Now according to a report from Nikon Rumors, some details have been revealed.

Nikon 1 V3 Mirrorless Camera Has Been Discontinued
Back in 2014, Nikon announced the Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera and now about four years later, it appears that the camera has since been discontinued. This is according to a listing on B&H in which they claim that the camera has been discontinued, but given how old the camera is we guess we can’t say we’re surprised.

Nikon’s Upcoming Mirrorless Rumored To Feature New Z-Mount
Despite being juggernauts in the camera industry with big name professionals using their cameras, Canon and Nikon haven’t really had much success on the mirrorless front, at least not compared to the likes of Sony or Fujifilm. However we have heard that they are planning on changing this, and in the case of Nikon we could be looking at a new mount.