Back in 2014, Nikon announced the Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera and now about four years later, it appears that the camera has since been discontinued. This is according to a listing on B&H in which they claim that the camera has been discontinued, but given how old the camera is we guess we can’t say we’re surprised.


Nikon’s mirrorless efforts haven’t been doing quite as well as the company has liked, at least we’re not seeing the same level of success that companies like Sony and Fujifilm are experiencing with their own mirrorless cameras. This has led to reports suggesting that Nikon is working on revamping their mirrorless efforts.

Just last week it was reported that Nikon had a new mirrorless camera in the works and that it could be of the full-frame variety. Assuming this is true, it would indicate that Nikon is interested in taking Sony on in terms of full-frame mirrorless cameras. It is also rumored that the camera could be using a new Z-mount for its accompanying lenses.

In any case Nikon has yet to make an official announcement so we’ll just have to wait and see how this develops. In the meantime for those shopping for a mirrorless camera, you can consider alternative brands if you’d rather not wait for Nikon’s next mirrorless.

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