Word has it that Nikon is working on a new mirrorless camera, and given that Nikon’s previous mirrorless efforts haven’t exactly panned out, it is understandable that the company might be working to make their next mirrorless camera even better. Now according to a report from Nikon Rumors, some details have been revealed.


According to the report, apparently Nikon’s next mirrorless camera will feature dual electric AF motors. Apparently what this will facilitate is two groups of lens elements will be able to move independently from each other. As Nikon Rumors points out, Nikon won’t be the first to introduce such a setup as other brands like Sony, Leica, and Olympus have lenses with dual electric AF motors.

It also seems that in addition to being tipped off about the rumored feature, there is some evidence to suggest that the rumors could be true. This is thanks to a patent filed by Nikon which describes such a system. Other rumored features we’ve been hearing include how the new mirrorless camera will utilize a new Z-mount for lenses.

Interestingly enough Nikons rival Canon is also said to be developing a new mirrorless camera. Word has it that Canon has sent out invites to an event for next month ahead of CP+, and that it will only be for CEOs and high-level executives.

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