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Nikon D810’s Successor Rumored For End Of July
The thing about buying a DSLR is that you typically need to be pretty sure of which brand you want. This is because buying a DSLR isn’t just about the camera, but also its lenses which typically don’t work on other brands unless you were to buy an adapter. For those who are Nikon fans, it seems that you guys can expect a new camera soon.

Nikon Unveils Rugged Compact Coolpix W300 Camera
These days camera manufacturers are all about squeezing in the latest specs like new camera sensors, faster autofocus systems, touchscreen displays, improved EVFs, and so on. However sometimes some photographers just want a camera that can withstand the extreme outdoors, and for this market segment, Nikon is gladly obliging.

Sony Displaces Nikon As No. 2 Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Camera In The US
When you think of cameras, there’s a good chance that brands such as Canon and Nikon come to mind. However it seems that Sony has been catching up because the company has recently announced that they are now the number 2 ranked in the US as far as the full-frame interchangeable lens camera market is concerned.

The Nikon D7500 Has Been Officially Launched
The other day thanks to a leaked image, it was revealed that Nikon had a new DSLR in the works by the name of the Nikon D7500. If you are in the market for a new DSLR camera, then you might be interested to learn that shortly following the leak, Nikon has officially taken the wraps off the Nikon D7500.


Alleged Nikon D7500 Photo Leaked
If you’re in the market for a new DSLR camera, it seems that Nikon might have something for you that could be announced very soon. In a post on Nokishita, an alleged image of the Nikon D7500 has been revealed, which apparently is due for a release in June 2017, so we should be able to expect an official announcement in the coming weeks or months.

Nikon Still Has Plans For A High-End Compact Camera
Compact cameras used to seen as cheap and affordable cameras for the masses back in the day. However in recent years, camera manufacturers have recognized how there are consumers who want high-quality images without necessarily having to spend a lot of money on mirrorless or DSLR systems.

Nikon DL Series Cancelled
Nikon created its DL series of premium compact cameras in order to compete against the likes of Sony and Panasonic in this particular segment. However, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse. Nikon was supposed to launch the DL series in June last year but due to some problems, the launch was delayed. Nikon has now decided to cancel the DL series altogether.

Nikon D5600 Price And Release Date Confirmed
Nikon unveiled its new mid-range D5600 DSLR in November last year and it has kept us waiting until the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 to reveal the pricing and release date information for the United States. The company has finally confirmed the Nikon D5600 price and release date for prospective customers in the U.S. It’s going to be available for purchase stateside later this month.

Oldest Nikon Camera Fetches $406,000 At Auction
It’s not uncommon for rare items to be auctioned for staggering amounts of money. There are people in this world who are willing to pay $55,000 for a rare Pokemon card so you can just imagine how much money people are ready to spend on such trinkets. This is the story of the oldest remaining camera made by Nikon. It has fetched $406,000 at an auction in Austria.

Nikon D5600 Camera Announced, But For The US
If you’re looking to get a DSLR camera but you don’t want to spend big bucks on full-frame models like the Canon EOS 5D or the Nikon D5, not to worry as the folks at Nikon have something else for you in the recently announced Nikon D5600, a presumably mid-range DSLR based on its predecessors and also its specs.

Nikon Hints At Possible Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera In The Future
In the full-frame mirrorless department, Sony has pretty much led the charge with its A7 series of cameras which have proven to be quite a success. With this success, we wouldn’t be surprised if more camera makers were to hop on board, and it looks like a potential contender would be Nikon.

New Nikon Action Cameras Introduced
Nikon – a company that needs no introduction – today announced a new line of robust action cameras meant to take on the GoPros of the world. The company has also confirmed the finer details of its KeyMission 360 camera which was announced earlier this year at CES. The new Nikon action cameras also feature the same KeyMission branding, these are the first cameras of this kind that Nikon has […]

Entry-Level Nikon D3400 DSLR Launched
DSLRs are a dime a dozen, meaning that as a customer, you’re pretty much spoilt for choice. However if you’re not looking to spend thousands of dollars on a DSLR rig, maybe because you’re new or maybe you’re just looking for a backup camera, you might be interested in checking out Nikon’s latest offering.

Did Nikon Discontinue The Nikon 1 Series Of Cameras?
In the mirrorless market, it is pretty clear that Sony is leading the way, and unsurprisingly so. They have spared no expense at marketing, plus they were also first on the scene with a full-frame mirrorless camera, and so far reviews of their cameras have been largely positive. This has left little room for other camera makers, such as Nikon.