nikon_sales_taxIf you’re looking to buy a new camera, you might be interested in getting a Nikon because according to reports, it looks like Nikon’s sales tax discount is back. What is a sales tax discount? Basically upon checking out, a discount will be applied to your final purchase and the amount will be the sales tax that you would have to pay.

This means that the camera or accessory you are planning to purchase will cost you pretty much what its list price says, and that you won’t have to pay extra in terms of a sales tax. This offer was found on B&H’s website and it seems to apply to pretty much all of Nikon’s cameras, like its DSLR lineup, mirrorless cameras, point & shoots, accessories like flash units, lenses, and so on.

So like we said if you are in the market for a camera, Nikon might want to be a brand you could consider, especially if you’re hoping to save some money and get in on a good bargain. The folks at Nikon Rumors have tested out the sale themselves and have confirmed that it is in effect, but unfortunately we don’t know how long the sale will last for.

According to B&H, they note that it is a limited-time offer but unfortunately without mentioning a specific end date, we guess customers will just need to move fast if they’d like to get in on it.

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