Gaming makes up a large portion of the iOS App Store’s revenue, and it makes sense. So much so that Apple even launched Apple Arcade, a subscription service dedicated towards games, but could Apple be so into gaming that they might actually invest time and resources into developing its own console?

That’s what a recent report from iDropNews seems to suggest, where they claim that Apple has apparently been working on a hybrid console that could take on the likes of the Nintendo Switch. Many are questioning the report, but to be fair, this is actually not the first time we’re hearing about it.

Back in May earlier this year, there was a similar report that claimed Apple could be looking to develop its own console, but that’s not all. There have been other rumors dating back to 2019 that claimed that Apple could be planning a Mac designed for gaming for 2020, but seeing as we’re already in 2021, it’s clear that rumor did not pan out.

iDropNews also claims that the console would cost between $449 and $549, which honestly doesn’t make sense, especially when more well-established consoles from Microsoft and Sony exist, and the Switch, which is allegedly the main competition, is priced much lower. Take this report with a bucket load of salt for now and maybe don’t get your hopes up for an Apple console just yet.

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