For a while now, there have been rumors suggesting that Nintendo could have a new Switch Pro model in the works, offering up more powerful hardware that would allow games to run at 4K. Nintendo, over the course of the years, has denied that such a device exists, and now we might know the reason why.

According to Nintendo insider NateDrake, he claims that based on a tip he received, the reason why the Switch Pro isn’t happening is simply because there is a new and fully next-gen Nintendo console in the works. While it is still based on the Switch, he claims that it will be receiving brand new hardware that will allow it to achieve 4K gaming thanks to the use of NVIDIA’s DLSS technology.

He also claims that with this upgrade, it will most likely require a major change in the processor, to the point where backwards compatibility might be difficult, but he believes that Nintendo will find a way to make it work. There have been reports of developers who claim to have received 4K dev kits from Nintendo, so maybe there could be some truth to these claims.

It is possible that Nintendo is telling the truth when they say that there is no Switch Pro since apparently this will be something else entirely, but either way, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in the market, we imagine it is about time that Nintendo gave its Switch series a bigger upgrade beyond just changing its screen to OLED.

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