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DC Fast Chargers To Triple In The US, Thanks To Nissan
Nissan intends to make a green statement in the US just as they did in Europe, having set up DC fast charging stations all over the place in strategic locations in order to ensure that Nissan Leaf owners will not have to worry about their rides running out of juice unexpectedly. At the Washington Auto Show, Nissan announced that they will be collaborating with eVgo in order to install another […]

US Nissan Leaf Battery Warranty Upgraded
Don’t you just love upgrades? Owners of the Nissan Leaf in the US would be pleased to hear the words from Andy Palmer, Nissan’s executive vice president, when he wrote concerning a new enhancement to the “warranty coverage of the battery system that powers the Nissan Leaf.” If you were to put it in plain English, that means owners of the Nissan Leaf who has experienced a loss in battery […]

Nissan Leaf 2013 To Be Cheaper
Have you decided to jump aboard the electric car bandwagon just yet? Sure, unless you settle for the high end models that cost more than a hundred grand each, electric cars do not have the kind of sprinting performance that petrol powered engines have, but at least they do their part in helping you keep the environment nice and green – to a certain extent, of course. One of the […]

Nissan Leaf stretch limo edition
Cars, unlike humans, do not need to “grow up”, but they can experience different versions for a same model. Case in point, the all-electric Nissan Leaf will soon arrive for the masses in the form of a stretch limo edition, where the first of its kind had already debuted in Tennessee. Perhaps this will usher in a new era of eco-conscious celebrities who might reconsider their Toyota Prius and actually […]


Nissan unveils new battery capacity estimators
Nissan has just revealed a very useful service for its popular electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf. The service allows the owner of  Leaf to better gauge whether or not their battery has enough power left to get them to their destination. The service will be accessible through the internet and via a smartphone app as well.Basically, you plug in a destination and it will tell you how much battery capacity […]

Nissan LEAF's battery good enough to power homes
If you are part of the electric vehicle brigade, then chances are you would have heard of the Nissan LEAF by now. This is Nissan’s version of the electric car, and just in case there is some sort of calamity that knocks out power to your home, how about turning your Nissan LEAF’s battery into an energy source? Nichicon has plans to sell their Vehicle-to-Home System “EV Power Station” from […]

Nissan Redesigns Gas Pumps Into Various Objects [Video]
In conjunction with the launch of the 100% electric car Nissan Leaf in Australia, the company has highlighted a new concept with an artistic twist. The concept in question here is the future, which doesn’t seem very near to tell the truth; with only electrical vehicles being used. Through that concept, the company used an object that would be obsolete in those times; a gas pump and transformed it into […]

Nissan LEAF packs enough juice to power a home
I suppose one advantage that you have with an electric vehicle would be the ability to harness the energy reserves of the vehicle’s battery during emergencies – as siphoning fuel out from your petrol guzzler is far trickier and infinitely more combustible, amongst other complications, of course. Nissan’s LEAF electric car does more than just ferry you around in an eco-friendly manner – it has even been envisioned to double […]

Nissan LEAF batteries power Japanese home for two days
Now here’s a novel idea in case there is a blackout in your area – why not hook up your electric vehicle’s battery to your home grid, so that you are able to microwave that TV dinner when everyone else in the neighborhood will just have to settle for eating cold beans right out of a can? I’m guessing such a solution is reserved for far more dire situations, such […]

Nissan LEAF to receive BlackBerry and Android apps
Driving an electric car does have its benefits, such as not having to stop by one of those gas stations and filling ‘er up to the brim, burning a large hole in your pocket at the same time. Too bad electric vehicles aren’t all that powerful (unless you are a proud owner of a Tesla, of course), and they tend to have a rather limited range. Well, hopefully with improvements […]

Nissan and The New Motion team up for LEAF charging solutions
Looking to go green, and you want to start off with that vehicle in your garage? You surely would do well to check out our Nissan LEAF review if this particular model has stoked your interest. The Japanese automaker has teamed up with their zero-emissions mobility partner in the Netherlands known as The New Motion, where the latter has agreed to deliver charging solutions for owners of the electric-powered LEAF.

Nissan LEAF charged via towing
Now this is something that we would not recommend Nissan LEAF owners to do (we didn’t try it out in our review for obvious reasons), but apparently a Dutch LEAF owner found out that his electric vehicle can juice up its batteries behind a truck as long as the brake is carefully applied. Needless to say, Nissan engineers also advice against you doing such a thing since there will be […]

Nissan LEAF Review
The Nissan LEAF is the first mass produced full electric car: no gas tank, no tailpipe. But the LEAF is of course not the first electric car ever made. The EV1 from GM and the Tesla Roadster have been on the roads for years and technically speaking not much is new with the LEAF. However, the LEAF is the first electric car to be mass produced and this is significant. […]

Telenor Connexion offers Nissan LEAF remote battery monitoring and AC control
According to Nissan, their CARWINGS Information and Communication Technology system (ICT) for EVs will be a standard issue for the Nissan LEAF Stateside as well as in Europe. This system will enable users to use a cell phone or computer to remotely check their electric vehicle’s status. Not only that, they can also control some onboard systems at any given time even when the vehicle is switched off. Sounds new? […]