I suppose one advantage that you have with an electric vehicle would be the ability to harness the energy reserves of the vehicle’s battery during emergencies – as siphoning fuel out from your petrol guzzler is far trickier and infinitely more combustible, amongst other complications, of course. Nissan’s LEAF electric car does more than just ferry you around in an eco-friendly manner – it has even been envisioned to double up as a secondary power source for homes during emergency situations. Nissan displayed that idea at the Tokyo Motor Show, where a Smart House with all of its appliances and electrical fittings inside running on the LEAF’s battery power.

In order to obtain electricity from the LEAF, Nissan will rely on a power control system box which is capable of supplying up to 6kW of power, and that translates to more than enough energy for the structure that you see above, where its total power consumption is around 1 to 2kW for its lights, fan, TV, clock, mini fridge and air conditioner. Is the idea of a Nissan LEAF in your garage turn you on now?

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