Articles about noise cancellation

Noise-Canceling Windows Could One Day Become A Reality
Noise-canceling headphones aren’t exactly a new technology as many of us have made it through their day with the ability to listen to their tunes and nothing else around them. The problem with noise-canceling headphones is if you’re using them at home to drown out sounds coming from outside, you might miss some important sounds such as a fire alarm, the FedEx guy ringing your doorbell or your wife ordering […]

Sony launches series of headphones with micro sized drivers
Looking for a new pair of headphones? If so, Sony has launched a new series of headphones that appears to be cover a wide range of audiences, so whether you’re just looking for a casual pair of headphones or one for sports/exercise, it looks like Sony has you covered.

RotoSub comes up with silent cooling fans
I’m sure most of us have experienced how noisy our computer fans can get at times. Usually we don’t notice when the fans get really loud but the minute they stop, it suddenly feels so quiet. Although there are times when the fans are whirring so loudly that you start to get a bit worried for your computer.

Wolfson releases audio SoC for smartphones
For those unfamiliar with the company Wolfson, they are a company that designs audio chips which can be found in high-end handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S II. Now they have announced that they are going to release an audio system-on-chip called the WM5100.


Klipsch Mode noise cancellation headphones look pretty stylish
If you’re looking to get a pair of stylish headphones that also features noise cancelling capabilities, Klipsch has a product that is slated for the Fall of 2011 that might be worth checking out.

Noise-cancellation drill turns dentist from foe to friend
What are some of the most loathed sounds in your book? Is the dentists drill one of them? If the answer is in the affirmative, then check out this method on which scientists have managed to successfully develop, plugging a device into an MP3 player or cell phone while relying on a filtering technique to cancel out the noise of the drill – doing all of that while enabling you, […]