Noise-canceling headphones aren’t exactly a new technology as many of us have made it through their day with the ability to listen to their tunes and nothing else around them. The problem with noise-canceling headphones is if you’re using them at home to drown out sounds coming from outside, you might miss some important sounds such as a fire alarm, the FedEx guy ringing your doorbell or your wife ordering you to take out the trash for the third time today. But if this Sono concept device becomes an actual consumer product, we could live in a world where noisy neighbors probably won’t bother us as much as they currently do.

Rudolf Stefanich came up with a concept Sono device that would allow you to block outside noise simply by attaching it to a window. This would be a great idea, especially if your neighborhood is filled with the noise of leaf blowers on a regular basis. In addition to cutting outside noise from your peaceful home, Stefanich also wants the Sono device to allow certain sounds to pass through somehow, as well as having it powered by using nearby Wi-Fi signals. Hopefully Stefanich’s Sono will become an actual product as we’d love to drown out the sounds we hear outside our home without having to wear noise-canceling headphones.

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