If you’re looking to get a pair of stylish headphones that also features noise cancelling capabilities, Klipsch has a product that is slated for the Fall of 2011 that might be worth checking out. For those unfamiliar, Klipsch is an American based company that is well known for their high end loudspeakers, loudspeaker drivers and enclosures, so we’re guessing with their upcoming offering of the Klipsch Mode noise cancelling headphones, it should be pretty good.

Touting ear cups made out of “high-grade” leather, the Klipsch Mode is said to be able to provide noise cancellation for up to 45 hours on a single battery, and it can double up as a regular pair of stereo headphones should you choose not to use the noise cancellation feature.

It will also feature a 40mm woofer which is said to provide deep bass and dynamic midrange with active crossover, along with 15mm tweeters that Klipsch claims will bring crisp and clean highs. The good news is that the cables for the headphones are detachable, which means if the cable gets damaged, you would only have to replace the cables, and not the entire headphone. The headphones are also foldable, which will make stowing it away much easier.

Judging by its specs and build quality, along with its brand name, we don’t expect the Klipsch Mode to come cheap. Unfortunately no price is listed on its website at the moment so it looks like we will have to wait until fall to find out more.

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