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Amazon Kindle Fire HD Price Slashed By $20 For Mother's Day
Amazon is the manufacturer of one of the most sold mid-range Android tablet. Some people even say that the entire 7-inch tablet race was given a huge boost by the Kindle Fire, which has done very well for itself in the market. Recognizing that Mother’s Day 2013 is just around the corner, Amazon is running a promotion in which it is offering the Kindle Fire HD tablet for $20 less […]

Barnes & Noble reduces NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color pricing
Most folks would say that the iPad mini has been priced out of range from its target competitors – namely the Google Nexus 7 which was manufactured by Asus and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Well, the thing about tablets in the 7” segment is this – they’re priced to move, and Barnes & Noble wants to be in on the game as well with a recent announcement of a […]

New NOOK Tablet with "revolutionary screen" arriving this fall?
Could there be a new NOOK Tablet in the works? According to some reports online, it looks like it’s a possibility. CNET was tipped off by a “credible source” that claims that there is going to be a brand new 7″ NOOK Tablet which features “revolutionary screen technology”. No details other than the vague description of the display were mentioned, and that it was developed in-house with the help of […]

CyanogenMod Alpha 0.05.1 on NOOK Tablet
It is not a week after Barnes & Noble rolled out the latest software version 1.4.3 for the NOOK Tablet and you can say that the developers who worked on an unofficial port of CyanogenMod 9 for the NOOK tablet have wasted no time at all, having updated their version of the software, too. Known as CyanogenMod Alpha 0.05.1, you can tell by the version number alone that this is […]


Barnes & Noble now allows NOOK Tablets to store more personal content
Branes & Noble has announced today that starting this week, NOOK Tablet owners can take their tablets into any Barnes & Noble bookstore nationwide, and have a trained “Nookseller” repartition the tablet’s internal memory. Just in case you didn’t know, the NOOK Tablet might have 16GB of memory – but only 1GB of its internal memory is available for users to side-load their own content. Users who wanted more space […]

NOOK Tablet gets Ice Cream Sandwich with CyanogenMod 9
Good news for NOOK users out there, the tablet can now be upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich – if you don’t mind loading up a custom ROM onto it. Some developers have managed to port CyanogenMod 9 onto the 7″ tablet, and while it’s only in its alpha stage (Alpha 0), the tablet can still be used to surf the web, play games, download apps, read books and more. […]

Barnes & Noble 8GB NOOK Tablet now available
Yesterday there were rumors about Barnes & Noble releasing a cheaper version of its NOOK Tablet today, and it looks like they were right on the dot. Barnes & Noble today announced the launch of the 8GB version of its NOOK Tablet. With the same features of the previous NOOK Tablet, the new tablet has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, microSD slot, WiFi, a 7″ VividView display, 8GB […]

Barnes and Noble to unveil 8GB Nook Tablet 22nd February
Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet is better than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, at least on paper. However with it being priced at $50 more than the Kindle Fire, those with tighter purse strings or those who aren’t too fussed about specs will probably see the Kindle Fire as better value for money. However it looks like Barnes and Noble isn’t too pleased about being shown up by their rival and will […]