NOOK TabletBranes & Noble has announced today that starting this week, NOOK Tablet owners can take their tablets into any Barnes & Noble bookstore nationwide, and have a trained “Nookseller” repartition the tablet’s internal memory. Just in case you didn’t know, the NOOK Tablet might have 16GB of memory – but only 1GB of its internal memory is available for users to side-load their own content. Users who wanted more space were required to fork out extra cash for a microSD card.

Well, thanks this repartitioning, users will be able to use up to 8GB for their own content, and leave 5.5GB for Barnes & Noble content. It makes you wonder why didn’t Barnes & Noble partition the memory that way in the first place – now consumers have to go through the trouble of bringing their tablet to a retail outlet if they want it changed.

In addition to announcing the repartitioning, Barnes & Noble also updated its Nook for Android app, adding support for Comics to Android tablets. The Nook Shop has also received some improvements to make it easier to add and edit account credit card information, un-archive content with a single tap in Nook Library, and more. Download the app from the Google Play Store today.

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