NOOK Tablet ICSGood news for NOOK users out there, the tablet can now be upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich – if you don’t mind loading up a custom ROM onto it. Some developers have managed to port CyanogenMod 9 onto the 7″ tablet, and while it’s only in its alpha stage (Alpha 0), the tablet can still be used to surf the web, play games, download apps, read books and more. What doesn’t work is the microphone and hardware video acceleration. The tablet will also fall asleep and fail to wake at times, which will require a reboot to start again.

It’s not a good idea to install the CM9 alpha if you’re using the NOOK Tablet as a daily device, so you’ll probably be better off waiting for a more stable build or the official release from Barnes & Noble (if they ever update it). But if you just can’t wait, head to the source link for instructions on how to. In the meantime check out the video demonstration below:

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