NOOK TabletCould there be a new NOOK Tablet in the works? According to some reports online, it looks like it’s a possibility. CNET was tipped off by a “credible source” that claims that there is going to be a brand new 7″ NOOK Tablet which features “revolutionary screen technology”. No details other than the vague description of the display were mentioned, and that it was developed in-house with the help of another company.

Without any hints or clues, it’s hard to tell what’s so special about the new NOOK Tablet’s display. However, if it’s being described as revolutionary, it should be something pretty impressive. The folks over at Digital Reader speculated a number of technologies that could be used in the tablet, but none of them are destined to arrive this fall so we’re back to square one again. Perhaps it’s technology from an unknown player that has been keeping it under wraps all this while?

Amazon is said to be revealing  a new tablet this year, so it only seems fitting that Barnes & Noble will be releasing a competing product as well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens later this year. What are your thoughts on a new NOOK Tablet?

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