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World's First Floating Nuclear Power Plant Launched By Russia
Many nations have mulled the idea of a floating nuclear power plant and while countries like the United States and China have thought about offshore nuclear reactors, Russia has gone ahead and actually launched one. The country has launched what it claims to be the first floating nuclear power plant ever, it’s called the Academik Lomonosov. Based in the Baltic Sea, it will be capable of producing 70 megawatt of […]

Germany Succeeds In Producing First Hydrogen Plasma
It looks like the country of Germany has taken a huge step forward – with their gargantuan nuclear fusion machine producing its first ever hydrogen plasma. Having turned on the Wendelstein 7-X (W7X) stellarator, which so happens to be the biggest nuclear fusion machine at the moment in the country, it managed to produce as well as to sustain hydrogen plasma in its maiden attempt. The big deal about this […]

Windows XP Still Sees Action Where Nuclear Weapon Technology Is Concerned
I do not know about you, but I myself am rather concerned when I hear news that high tech submarines that carry nuclear missiles in them happen to run on an operating system which is a variant of the now defunct Windows XP. Isn’t this counter-productive, especially since extended support for the venerable operating system ended in 2014.

China Working On A Floating Nuclear Power Plant
There are many countries in the world that use nuclear power plants to generate electricity, even though there are risks associated with these power plants, look no further than what happened at Fukushima. Since nuclear power plants pose a safety risk even on solid ground, one would think twice before putting on something that’s not ground at all, but China doesn’t see it that way. It’s actually working on a […]


Nuclear Explosions And Lasers Could Power Future Boeing Engines
Could air travel ever be green? Sure it’s possible to take a solar powered plane from Japan all the way to Hawaii but you can’t do that on scale, it’s not possible with a massive airliner carrying hundreds of people and cargo. There have been efforts to test cleaner burning fuels to reduce environmental impact but for now it seems to be business as usual. Boeing has a plan to change this […]

Robots To Roam Decommissioned Nuclear Sites
I am quite sure that no one in their right mind would want to hang around a site where a nuclear explosion went off some time ago, as you can never tell just how much radiation there is left behind simply by looking. Well, good thing robots have no such qualms, and instead of living such areas to remain uninhabited, how about sending robots there to “work” This is what […]

Japan Will Build An Ice Wall At Fukushima
The Tokyo Electric Power Company announced back in March 2013 that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was leaking radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean again. Contaminated water was found to be overflowing from a storage tank. A few months later a solution was proposed which involved building a mile-long ice wall underground around the crippled plant to contain the leak. The plan has been funded and now an ice wall is going to […]

'North Korea Has Launched A Missile' Accidentally Tweeted By Japanese City
We think it’s safe to say tensions are high right about now in regards to what’s going on in North Korea these days. We recently saw Anonymous attempt to take matters into their own hands, but it looks like their efforts did nothing to curb North Korea’s efforts into launching a nuclear attack. It would seem they’re not the only ones who misfired as the Japanese city of Yokohama mistakingly […]

Spherical robot helps detect radioactivity in pipes
One great thing about robots is this – they never tire out, and are impervious to radioactivity – making it possible for them to work in hazardous environments for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue. This tiny spherical robot that you see on the right will feature a built-in camera that allows it to check out what is going through the labyrinth of underground pipes of a nuclear reactor. […]

Teenager develops nuclear weapons detector
Taylor Wilson, a 17-year old genius, was recently honored at the Intel International Science Fair of his work on creating a device that detects weapons in shipping containers. The device also uses a nuclear fusion reactor that he built when he was only 14. Do you even remember what you did when you were 14?Speaking at the recent Intel International Science Fair, Taylor Wilson gave an explanation about his science […]

iRobot deploys Packbots to Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant
With the levels of radiation rising many, many times above what is considered to be “safe” for humans to work in, there must be a better way to repair and prevent further deterioration of the facility while people work around the clock to make sure that the situation doesn’t become worse, but better. iRobot has decided to deploy a couple of robots to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, […]

iRobots to go where no humans can go in Japan
iRobot, the robot manufacturer from Bedford, Massachusetts; is sending out a team of four robots into Japan today to help deal with the nuclear crisis that’s currently affecting the country due to the earthquake and tsunami events that took place last week. The team that consists of PackBots and Warrior robots have been designed to work in such situations and will be controlled by the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces […]

Nuclear battery shrunk to penny sizes
Researchers have managed to work out a penny-sized “nuclear battery” which is capable of producing energy from radioisotopes decay. While this technology is not new as it has seen action in military and aerospace applications to date, they’re much larger compared to what has been achieved till now. Capable of holding up to a million times more charge compared to standard batteries, these nuclear batteries could potentially reduce the amount […]