windows explorerI do not know about you, but I myself am rather concerned when I hear news that high tech submarines that carry nuclear missiles in them happen to run on an operating system which is a variant of the now defunct Windows XP. Isn’t this counter-productive, especially since extended support for the venerable operating system ended in 2014.

With nine countries in the world being known to be nuclear powers, the destructive power owned by the collective arsenal is more than enough to destroy this world many times over, hence it is rather strange that the systems which power these nuclear vessels and weaponry are not at all at the forefront of technology.

For instance, the UK’s nuclear deterrent comprises of a quartet of Vanguard-class submarines, where each of them will carry 16 Trident missiles. Each of these Trident missiles are capable of delivering a destructive power that is that of eight Hiroshimas. Sweating already? The UK’s Ministry of Defence does not think that the system is vulnerable to malware and viruses, citing that the Trident “remains safe and secure” against attacks. Don’t you think that something more high tech like what we see in the movies would be a far better bet in securing the future of the world’s peace among all of the power brokers?

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