robot-roamI am quite sure that no one in their right mind would want to hang around a site where a nuclear explosion went off some time ago, as you can never tell just how much radiation there is left behind simply by looking. Well, good thing robots have no such qualms, and instead of living such areas to remain uninhabited, how about sending robots there to “work” This is what the realm of UK robot research is looking into, sending robots to abandoned coal mines in order to test out their abilities to work autonomously.

This particular proposal has been drafted by the Technology Strategy Board, where it hopes to see researchers do their best in rolling out robots that are able to complete specific tasks, and it could propel the UK up in the world rankings where the field of robotics is concerned.

Imagine a future where self-driving cars occupy the road, while rail systems are capable of monitoring and repairing tracks all by themselves so that the human element is removed, in addition to technologies that are capable of providing the relevant and necessary assistance to the elderly. A decommissioned nuclear site might be worth checking out, since there won’t be too many humans around to interfere with the autonomy of a robot, don’t you think so?

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