One great thing about robots is this – they never tire out, and are impervious to radioactivity – making it possible for them to work in hazardous environments for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue. This tiny spherical robot that you see on the right will feature a built-in camera that allows it to check out what is going through the labyrinth of underground pipes of a nuclear reactor. To get around, it won’t remain passive, but rather, will propel itself using an internal network of valves and pumps.

This is perfect to detect whether a leak has sprung along the way, as it will be able to check out whether water has been contaminated or not. Definitely one of the better ways to get the job done in an automated manner, don’t you think so?

This robotic ball will go a long way in helping reduce costs of direct monitoring, and no longer will humans have their health adversely affected. And as mentioned above, the robots will never tire nor experience fatigue, and they won’t ask for overtime or complain about work conditions.

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