Oculus Rift Price Reduced

If you’ve been meaning to pick up the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset but the cost was a factor then you’re going to want to stick around for this. The Facebook-owned company has decided to reduce the Oculus Rift price. It has even cut the price of the Touch motion controllers that were released not too long ago. The cost of the complete system is now down considerably and makes […]

No Mac Support For The Oculus Rift Anytime Soon

The Oculus Rift has been pretty much a Windows-only VR headset for now, but given that it is still relatively “early” in terms of the VR space, we expect that more platforms will eventually be supported. So as far as Mac VR gamers and enthusiasts are concerned, we’re sure some are wondering about support for the Mac platform.

ZeniMax Wants The Courts To Halt Oculus Rift Sales Completely

Back in 2014, ZeniMax took Oculus to court in which they allege that Oculus apparently “misappropriated ZenMax trade secrets”, or so they claimed. Earlier this month a jury in Dallas, Texas ruled in favor of ZeniMax where they awarded the company a whopping $500 million in damages.

HTC Vive Exclusive Tilt Brush App Released For Oculus Rift

Tilt Brush is a great app which enables users to paint in virtual reality. You could be a first time user who’s just doodling tracing lines of fire against the night sky or an experienced concept artist doing serious work, Tilt Brush enables you to draw to your heart’s desire in virtual reality. This app was previously exclusive to HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset but not anymore. Tilt Brush has […]


Facebook Shutting Down Many Oculus Pop-ups In Best Buy Stores

In order to push the first virtual reality headset that Oculus released to the public, Facebook teamed up with Best Buy to set up some 500 pop-up stores at an equal number of Best Buy locations across the country. They might have done enough to cater to the initial hype surrounding the Oculus Rift headset but according to a new report, there has been underwhelming interest from the public regarding […]

Rock Band VR Announced For The Oculus Rift

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rock out on stage in front of an audience? Some of you guys might have had that privilege, but for others, the notion might simply just be a fantasy. However the good news is that fantasy could soon become a reality, virtual reality in fact.

Oculus Loses Lawsuit To ZeniMax, Ordered To Pay $500 Million

When the Oculus Rift burst onto the scene, many were enthralled by it and the potential it held, but it did not take long for the headset to land itself in some controversy. This came in the form of an accusation by ZeniMax who alleged that Oculus had “misappropriated ZeniMax trade secrets”.

Best Buy Essentially Knocks Off $150 From Oculus Rift’s Price Tag

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to try out virtual reality, then Best Buy has got your back. The retailer’s limited time offer on the Oculus Rift is not to be missed if you’re in the market for a new virtual reality headset. Oculus Rift is one of the few proper VR headsets that you can buy right now so if you can essentially save $150 […]

Oculus Rift Xbox One Game Streaming Goes Live December 12th

It was back in June last year that Microsoft confirmed that Oculus Rift owners will soon be able to play Xbox One games on the headset. Xbox One owners would have the ability to stream their games to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It has taken more than a year for the company to actually make this happen because it has only just now confirmed when Oculus Rift Xbox […]

The Oculus Rift Can Now Be Supported By Lower-End PCs

When the Oculus Rift was first announced, the specs required for a PC to be able to run it was relatively high. Or at least it was high enough to give some gamers pause and at the same time made it out of reach for gamers with lower-end rigs. Last month Oculus announced that they would be taking steps to change that by lowering the requirements via “asynchronous timewarp”.

Oculus Sensors Go On Sale For $79

Oculus has made Rift owners wait for individual Sensors for quite some time now. The headset needs these sensors to support room-scale VR, a feature that’s already supported by the HTC Vive and is often pointed out in its advertisements. These Sensors enable the Rift to provide similar functionality and the Oculus Store has now been updated to enable customers to purchase the Sensors individually.

Soon You Won’t Need A High-Powered PC To Run The Oculus Rift

One of the reasons we speculate that could be holding back adoption of VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive would be the requirements needed for a PC in order to support it. This effectively puts it out of the hands of many casual PC users who might not have the need or budget for a powerful PC, thus limiting the headset’s potential reach.

Oculus Developing Mid-Range Standalone VR Headset

Oculus has made some interesting announcements today at its third annual developers conference. Since it’s a Facebook-owned company we weren’t surprised to see founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg kick off the proceedings. Zuck announced that Oculus is working on a mid-range standalone virtual reality headset which would eliminate the need for users to be tethered to a PC. It’s still early days and we haven’t been shown the headset in […]

Oculus Connect 3 Live Stream Starts Soon, Here’s What To Expect

The third annual Oculus developers conference is taking place this week. The company will be making its keynote presentation today where we will hear about the future of Oculus VR from the company’s leaders. It’s expected to show off some new products, confirm pricing for the much-awaited controllers and introduce some new VR experiences for its headset.