Tilt Brush is a great app which enables users to paint in virtual reality. You could be a first time user who’s just doodling tracing lines of fire against the night sky or an experienced concept artist doing serious work, Tilt Brush enables you to draw to your heart’s desire in virtual reality. This app was previously exclusive to HTC’s Vive virtual reality headset but not anymore. Tilt Brush has now been released for the Oculus Rift.

Google has confirmed today that it has released Tilt Brush for the Oculus Rift. This will enable more users who own a proper virtual reality headset to create and experience art in VR.

Since Oculus has a different platform from HTC, Google has customized the app for the Rift’s platform, hardware, and Touch controllers. Features that allow you to rotate and resize your work have been added. The interactions have been redesigned to take advantage of the Oculus Touch controllers.

Painting is more than just a visual experience with the Rift since its built-in headphones will fully immerse users from the moment they enter the Tilt Brush virtual canvas. There are different sound effects for different brushes which allow for a more vivid experience.

That’s all there is to know about this app, Oculus Rift owners who are interested can now download it from the Oculus Store.

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