Articles about office (page 2) Premium Features Now Bundled With Office 365
Earlier this year you might recall that Microsoft launched a new Premium subscription which costs customers $19.95 a year. The premium subscription essentially removed ads from the email service as well as offer up various new features and security tools for those who might need it.

Microsoft Asks Mac Office 2011 Users To Skip High Sierra Update
Updates/upgrades to an operating system is usually something to look forward to, but in the case of Microsoft Office users on Mac computers, it seems that Microsoft is asking those users to skip on the macOS High Sierra update which is largely expected to be released in the next couple of months.

Microsoft 365 Is A New Way To Purchase Office And Windows
Microsoft has kicked off its annual partner conference today and announced a new offering called Microsoft 365. It’s an effort on the company’s part to get its business customers to purchase Office and Windows together. Microsoft 365 is essentially a bundle that includes Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. The company is billing Microsoft 365 as a “complete, intelligent, and secure solution” to empower all companies […]

Touch Bar Support For Microsoft Office Now Available
When the new MacBook Pros were announced late last year, it was revealed that companies such as Microsoft would be taking advantage of the technology where there would be Touch Bar support for the Office suite of productivity apps. Recently those in the preview program were allowed to take the feature for a spin, but it looks like it is now available for all.


MacBook Pro Owners Can Preview Office With Touch Bar Support
When Apple officially announced the new MacBook Pros last year, they also revealed that there would be apps that would support the feature, and one of those apps is Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity apps. In fact last October Microsoft revealed how Office would function on the Touch Bar.

Microsoft Announces Cloud Storage Options For Office On Android
As much as Microsoft would love for all their users to use their OneDrive cloud storage service, the reality is that users already have their own cloud storage services that they’re probably used to using by now. The good news for Office users on Android is that Microsoft is now giving users more cloud storage options to choose from.

Microsoft Reassures That Office Will Work On Chrome OS
Earlier this week there were reports that made it sound like Microsoft was blocking access to its Office apps on Chrome OS computers. To be more specific, there were owners of the Asus Flip and Acer R11 Chromebooks who were reporting that they were getting error messages like, “unsupported on this device” when they tried to run the app.

Microsoft Details How Office Would Work With Apple’s New Touch Bar
With the launch of the new MacBook Pros, Apple also introduced a new hardware feature called Touch Bar. This is a touchscreen strip that replaces the function keys, and allows users to interact with software by providing shortcuts, access to tools, and so on, all of which can change and adapt accordingly.

Google Jamboard Hands-On: Collaboration, Evolved
Google Just announced the Jamboard, a 4K, 55” Android-powered interactive display that is designed and optimized for collaboration. Although it looks like an electronic white board on the surface, it is so much more than that.

Microsoft Will Preload Office On Select Lenovo & Motorola Phones
While Microsoft might not necessarily have the largest market share when it comes to smartphones, they have played it rather smart and have been making money through the licensing of their patents. They have also tried to get in on other smartphones through apps and services.

Microsoft Office For iPhone Updated With Finger-Drawing Support
With the iPhone’s screen being smaller than the iPad and a laptop, this means that when it comes to editing certain things, its screen size just doesn’t cut it. Now with Microsoft Office, what Microsoft has done is introduce a feature that lets users draw on the screen with their finger, although this was only limited to the iPad as far as iOs devices are concerned.

Microsoft Working On An Office Extension For The Edge Browser
If you have ever used the Microsoft Edge browser that comes bundled with Windows 10, you know that the difference in your experience of using it compared to Internet Explorer is like night and day. However if there is one drawback to the Edge browser is that at the moment, support for extensions is not built-in yet.

Microsoft Office For Mac Comes With Add-In Extension Support
At this year’s Microsoft BUILD event, there was not much time spent over Microsoft Office, although the software giant did make an announcement concerning improvements for not only users, but developers as well. In fact, what was most probably the main draw would be word that “add-ins” for Office will be making their way to Office for Mac – and this marks the very first time that such a thing […]

NextDesk CrossOver Is An Affordable Standing Desk Alternative
They say that sitting in front of your computer all day is bad for your health, and can also lead to problems with your back due to your posture. This is why over the years, standing desks have become so popular, simply because it allows people to continue to do their work at their desks, minus the associated health risks.