LG continues to dominate the large-panel OLED market in all categories with its display products and the panel it sells to 3rd party customers.

At IFA 2022 in Berlin, we had a chance to look closely at the LG C2 97-inch OLED TV; just like most people would imagine, it is magnificent. It’s actually better in real life than you could imagine because few people have experience with such an edgy TV.

If you put aside the 97-inch diagonal, the underlying technology is similar to what LG has shown before, including the impeccable display quality, image processing powered by the LG Alpha 9 Gen5 AI processor, and the overall software aspect of the TV.

The design is faithful to the LG C2 Evo family, and you can mount the TV flush to the wall for maximum visual effect. In some ways, even if you could afford it, you might need to upgrade your home to have a coherent design with a classy TV like this.

LG was not ready to share the pricing and the availability, but these extra-large models are often produced in low volume (at first) and sold to a relatively small number of wealthy or corporate clients.

Some years ago, we heard stories of affluent customers buying nearly all units of 105-inch flat TV; some required a crane to deliver in a high-rise building. That’s not mass-market, but 86-inch TVs are now affordable, such as this LG UQ7590 4K LCD that retails for less than $1300 on Amazon (affiliate link). Let’s hope this 97-inch OLED TV takes us there.

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