OLED Signage Incheon Airport_2Word has been going around that display manufacturers are looking at preparing themselves to meet the needs when the iPhone from Apple makes the jump to OLED displays some time next year, as mentioned earlier in the day. In other words, whatever major design change that is associated with the 2017 version of the iPhone, suppliers of Apple would do their level best to ensure that the 10th anniversary of the smartphone will be as smooth as possible.


An OLED display certainly has its fair share of advantages, that is for sure, boasting of a higher resolution that will keep the eyes all fixated. Apple will not be alone in the OLED charge, however, as a trio of Apple suppliers, LG, Samsung and Sharp, too, have announced that they have been investing in technology that will enable them to churn out quality OLED display yields that are economically viable in the long run.

Just what are some of the other advantages of using OLED technology in the smartphone’s display? Well, there is no need for a backlight such as in the case of LCD displays, which will in turn make the 2017 iPhone slimmer than ever before, or could the extra space saved be used for a higher capacity battery? Of course, OLED displays will also suck up less juice compared to that of LCD displays, so that is yet another positive point for OLEDs.

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