samsung logo 5It looks like Samsung Display is not holding back with news such as this, that the company will be investing millions into its OLED production lines, and one can only think of the recent rumor where OLED screens would be making their way into the iPhone 7s. It would not be weird for Samsung to display such a component to what looks like one of their biggest rivals on the smartphone front, as this is not a new thing at all in the industry.


Business Korea has reported that Samsung Display will inject another $325.73 million into the current flexible OLED manufacturing lines that are located in Tangjeong. Part of the investment was used to purchase production gear from 10 OLED equipment manufacturers in order to help double the output to 30,000 pieces of mother glass each month.

Mother glass is actually the largest possible size of glass produced which will not break despite of its weight, and is so named due to the fact that it is the source of numerous other flat-panel screens (that are a whole lot smaller in dimension, of course), and majority of a screen’s parts and features, such as its pixels and connectivity, are “grown” on the mother glass via processes that include layering materials and a host of chemicals. Do expect these new lines to begin operating from early 2017 onward.

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