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Toshiba’s Transparent Wireless OLED Lamp
When we talk about wireless connectivity, most of the time we might think of wireless networks at the local cafe or restaurant, and to a lesser extent, wireless charging which seems to be the next big thing concerning smartphones these days (no doubt tablets too, would eventually get on the wireless charging action in due time), but how about a wireless lamp? Normal circumstances would point towards a torchlight, but […]

LG's 55" OLED TV Will Be Arriving In The UK For £10,000
Back in 2012, LG unveiled their 55” OLED TV which would cost consumers a whopping upwards of $10,000 if one wished to own it. The device was then made available this year and began shipping to countries like Korea and the US. Now the good news is that if you’re living in the UK and you’ve been dying to get your hands on this bad boy, you will now be […]

LG Invests $655 Million Into Making Cheaper OLED Screens
LG is all set to invest $655 million into mass producing organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels that’s can be used in Televisions. Production will commence in an existing plant in South Korea and mass production is expected by 2014.LG has already invested money in the OLED technology and has created prototype units, like this LG EA9800 curved OLED TV.  Unfortunately the cost of creating OLED screens did not make […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls OLED Displays 'Awful'
Someone needs to clue Apple CEO Tim Cook in on their new hires as just last week, they hired an OLED expert from LG, and today, Cook has spoken out against OLED displays.During an investor conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, Cook called the color saturation on OLED displays “awful.” He continued his OLED rant by saying, “If you ever buy anything online and really want to know what the color […]


Sony Unveils 56-inch 4K OLED TV Prototype Capable Of 3,840 x 2,160 Resolution
[CES 2013] 4K seems to be taking over CES this year as a number of TV manufacturers are introducing their next HDTVs, and it seems Sony is another TV manufacturer that is not only showing their first 4K TV, but it’ll be the first 56-inch 4K OLED TV.Sony’s 56-inch 4K OLED TV is able to display at a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and is filled with Sony’s oxide semiconductor […]

Samsung 55-inch OLED HDTV Releasing This Year With Multi-View Mode
[CES 2013] No matter what your loyalty is to television brands, everyone can agree that Samsung’s TVs have been capitalizing the market for several years now, which is exactly why we made sure we completely cleared our schedules today in order to get first-hand news of what they’re planning for their TVs in 2013. And, as is expected, they didn’t fail to disappoint.One HDTV we’ve been keeping our eye on […]

LG's 55-inch OLED HDTV Gets FCC Approval
LG’s elusive 55-inch OLED HDTV has been the subject of countless rumors and speculations. First unveiled at CES 2012, the 55-inch OLED HDTV is reported to be around 4mm thick, and weighing just 16lbs. Contrary to our previous report, it seems that the gargantuan HDTV from LG is launching soon. That’s because an LG device with the code 55EM9700-UA appeared recently in FCC’s database.

LG sues Samsung over use of OLED displays, alleging patent infringement
Remember the good old days when it was Apple versus Samsung? Well now it looks like LG is after Samsung after all, and given that both Korean companies are competitors, we guess it isn’t too surprising. It has been reported that LG will be suing Samsung over the use of OLED displays, claiming that Samsung had infringed upon seven OLED related patents owned by LG. The devices named by the […]

LG to roll out 60" flexible OLEDs by 2017
Sometime last month, it was rumored that LG was conducting research of producing a 60” flexible OLED display. At the moment the largest flexible OLED display measures 7.4”, so as you can expect, 60” is a huge jump. As it turns out those rumors are true and this task was actually set about by the Korean government, which we expect is making LG feel very good about themselves since they […]

Sony medical-grade OLED monitor receives FDA approval
Sony first introduced their PVM-2551MD medical–grade OLED monitor in September last year, but at (long, relatively speaking) last it has picked up approval by the FDA in the US, which clearly places it in line to be part of a medical grade monitor Stateside. This is touted to be the world’s first medical-grade monitor, where it comes with a 25″ display, and is tipped to offer significant benefits for a […]

Samsung lets in on what makes their 55-inch OLED panel tick
Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) is currently showing off their monstrous flagship OLED panel, the 55-inch behemoth of an OLED TV at SID 2012 that is held in Boston, US. This OLED TV was said to be on track for a 2012 release, and Samsung has opened themselves up to release the specifications behind this 55-inch OLED panel. This is an improvement over the same model’s debut at CES 2012 earlier […]

Samsung to spin-off LCD business
Looks like what we reported on earlier was right on the money – South Korea’s Samsung, despite being the largest manufacturer of TVs in the world, found it rather difficult to maintain its LCD manufacturing business, and will instead spin off that arm of theirs into an affiliate as the company pools its resources together to concentrate on next generation OLED display technology. LCD TVs are old hat now, and […]

Samsung might sell off LCD business
When it comes to HDTVs, surely Samsung must rank in your mind amongst the other big name brands. Well, even the South Korean manufacturing giant is finding it to be tough going these days, mulling over the sale of its LCD unit amidst a dip in demand. Samsung is not the only one in this boat though, as other electronics manufacturers around the world are also realizing that their LCD […]

Top 10 CES Gadgets
LG and Samsung 55” OLED TV,At CES, both LG and Samsung have committed to commercialize large-size OLED televisions by the end of the year. While no pricing has been announced yet, the rumored price is said to be hovering around $8000. We don’t know how close this is to reality, but it’s fair to assume that most people won’t be able to afford one the first models. Fortunately, OLED TVs […]