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OLED display with built-in solar cells
Smartphones have evolved in a way where they now come with larger and brighter displays, sporting ever higher resolutions – and all of that performance means one thing as well, which is a faster depletion of the handset’s battery life. Well, what if there is a way which helps offset the amount of juice consumed by the smartphone’s display? Arman Ahnood, a researcher at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, explained […]

BASF and Philips develop solar OLED sunroof prototype
It’s been awhile since anything innovative has been done with a car sunroof, but it looks like Philips and BASF want to change that. The two companies have developed a prototype sunroof that uses solar-powered OLED panels. During the day, the panels become clear and let in sunlight while charging up the solar cells at the same time. At night, the panels can be turned on to act as lights […]

LG 55” OLED TV, First Impressions
I just spent some time looking at the LG OLED Display, and I wanted to report about what I saw and share my initial impressions. If you saw the display for yourself, you wouldn’t be surprised if I say that the contrast is the best that I have seen for a screen of this size, and I have seen a fair share of displays. Obviously, LG did every effort to […]

LG Develops 55-inch OLED TV Panel
LG Display has just announced that it has successfully developed a 55″ OLED panel for HD televisions. At the moment, producing large OLED displays is an ongoing challenge, just like it was the case for LCD displays years ago. The industry bumps into, and eventually overcomes, major manufacturing challenges that hurts the yields (or reject rates) of end products. The higher the reject, and the more expensive it is to […]


LG and Samsung could debut 55" OLED displays next year
Looking forward to some giant OLED displays next year? Well there have been reports that display manufacturers, LG and Samsung, are set to debut 55” OLED displays during CES 2012. To further corroborate this possibility, LG Display’s CEO Kwon Young-soo told reporters back in July that the company was shifting development away from smaller and unprofitable OLED displays to 55” models.OLED displays tend to produce fantastic colors and use low […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specs (Official)
Yup, it’s official folks! The third generation Nexus device by Samsung is now official, and it looks it will be going by the Galaxy Nexus moniker instead of the Nexus Prime name that we have been hearing so much about. As far as hardware specs are concerned, it’s pretty much the same specs that was leaked earlier on today.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus specs revealed?
The Samsung Nexus Prime, or rather the Galaxy Nexus (the Nexus Prime was just a codename for it) was thought to have been teased in Samsung’s Unpacked event teaser video, as pictured above. While specs of the device have only been speculated on, BGR has reportedly managed to get their hands on the full specifications of the device, which is expected to be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event next Tuesday.

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED semi-spherical display is out of this world
[CEATEC 2011] Curved displays are definitely something worth looking at – it is somewhat mesmerizing in its very own way just like how a child walks through the glass tunnel of an underwater world for the first time in his/her life. Well, Mitsubishi’s effort with the curved display you see here definitely makes most hearts skip a beat the first time they see it in action. Known as the Diamond […]

Galaxy Skin: Samsung concept phone with foldable AMOLED display
Have you ever wished you could roll up your phone and put it into your pocket? While that future may not be upon us just yet, concept designer by the name Heyon You has created a concept Samsung device that has made use of Samsung’s flexible and foldable AMOLED display.

UCLA develops first fully stretchable OLED
Imagine a world where you can have electronics that you can keep inside a tiny address book in your back pocket when not in use, and then pulled and extended to a larger 4″ device when it needs to be used. Well, it looks like we’re one step closer to having such gadgets at our disposal, thanks to the engineers over at the University of California, Los Angeles.The engineers there […]

LG denies OLED Apple TV
A while back there were rumors that Apple was planning its very own 55” OLED television while partnered with LG. Well it looks like if you were hoping to get your hands on the rumored television, LG Display’s CEO Kwon Young-Soo has come out and denied those rumors. The reason is because “Apple is still pessimistic about using OLED displays” according to sources who were involved in the matter.

LG 55-inch OLED TV before 2012 is over
Stereoscopic 3D technology has certainly proved to be one of the more popular showcase appliances for many major consumer electronics players at CES earlier this year, but the adoption of 3D HDTVs are perhaps not as explosive as industry analysts expected. Perhaps the general consumer feel that it is not quite a need yet, and even if you were to rely on a passive shutter system, you will still need […]

i Roll concept phone aims to be a space-saver
How would you feel about a phone that is about the size of a pen, and that you could roll up when not in use, and roll out to display a screen when you wish to make your calls or perform tasks on the device? If that got your attention, then the concept i Roll phone by India-based designer, Sudhanwa Chavan, might be something you could be very interested in, and […]

Toshiba limited edition OLED lamp not for sale
Toshiba has come up with a special OLED lamp designed for emergencies like the quake-stricken areas of Japan. Powered by four AAA batteries or a rechargeable pack that can be changed by solar or USB, it produces 53 lumens of light at 100% and can last two hours on the AAA batteries, twenty if you lower the brightness, and even more is you use the battery pack. Here is where […]