It’s safe to say that there a lot of people out there who are clueless when it comes to televisions and displays. Sure you can walk into a store, see the beautiful displays on, well, display, and then when you attempt to find out what sort of television/display you are looking at, the sales person chucks tech jargon at you and you’re left feeling even more confused. For those a little more tech savvy, you might have heard of LCD, LED, Plasma and OLED TVs before, but what exactly do they mean?

Well Linus from Techquickie (also does videos for retailer NCIX) has thrown together a video in which he himself states he will explain the difference in the displays in as little time as possible. The video clocks a little over 3 minutes and while it does seem a little short, it does give a pretty clear breakdown on the different display types, meaning that you should be able to walk into an electronics store as a more educated consumer.

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