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NHK develops flexible OLED display
NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, is currently making leaps and advances on the development of thin, flexible displays – keeping their fingers crossed that a roll-up TV is on the cards sometime down the road. This is a task that NHK has been working on for several years now, and their latest prototype of the flexible OLED screen will be paraded at an open-day event at its R&D center in Tokyo […]

Toshiba flexible OLED display spotted
We have seen Toshiba’s potential Retina Display challenger earlier in the week, and now we have yet another display from Toshiba to keep your visual senses occupied – we are talking about a flexible OLED display that measures 3″ across diagonally, but is a mere 0.1mm thin – now that is super slim no matter which way you look at it! Of course, the good news does not stop there […]

Foldable AMOLED display never creases even after 100,000 times
Are you an engineer who thrives on solving problems? Well, it is said that when it comes to the design of mobile devices, one of the biggest challenges to overcome would be to maximize the display while minimizing the size of the device. Researchers from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea intend to deliver such a premise using a seamless foldable display prototype which is capable of […]

Novel Concepts ThinSink: the world's thinnest fan cooled heat sink
Novel Concepts has just announced that they’ve successfully developed the world’s thinnest fan cooled heat sink, dubbed ThinSink. Thinner than a credit card and over 25 times more efficient than today’s best microprocessor heat sinks, the ThinSink is one amazing device. It is also extremely energy efficient, using less power than most regular heat sinks. Developed for notebooks, monitors and tablets, we’re going to see a whole lot more of […]


OLED microdisplay-based eyetracking Head Mounted Device
Fraunhofer IPMS is first off the blocks yet again with their latest thingamajic – the first OLED microdisplay-based eyetracking Head Mounted Device (HMD) in the world over at SID 2011. The Fraunhofer IPMS has been working on integrating both sensors and microdisplays on the CMOS backplane for some time now (running into several years), so it makes perfect sense for something like this eyetracking HMD to be part of the […]

Chlorine added for cheaper and more efficient OLEDs
Who would have thought that the solution for cheaper and more efficient OLEDs would come in the form of adding some chlorine? At least, that is the gist of the idea thanks to a team of researchers from the University of Toronto. Their newly developed technique involves the production of OLED devices that is touted to accelerate the adoption of OLED technology into mainstream flat-panel displays as well as numerous […]

Water-cooled Nintendo Wii - overkill or necessity?
They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, but we really do question whether that is the case with this Nintendo Wii mod. First of all, everyone knows that among the three consoles (Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3) in this generation, the Wii is the most underpowered graphically, so why is there the need for water cooling in the first plance? Apparently, you don’t really need a reason […]

Sony TRIMASTER EL OLED monitors arrive in Japan
Sony has rolled out a new range of OLED monitors that come in 17″ and 25″ sizes, where they will deliver professional hyper accurate color reproduction alongside perfect image quality – doing so without flooding your eyes with motion blur when it deals with fast speed objects including sports events. The OLED TVs themselves will come in a super slim aluminum body that is easy on the eyes, measuring a […]

Apple files multiple patents for use of OLED technology
Could Apple be planning to use OLED display technology in some of its upcoming devices? While the fruity company prefers to use IPS panels for its devices, that doesn’t mean that Apple is totally deaf to the benefits of OLED displays. The reason we say this is because Apple has filed three patent applications related to OLED displays that could be used in smartphones, tablets, computers or televisions. The patents […]

Samsung Real Translator concept
If there was one ability that we would like to have, it would be being able to understand different languages wherever we go. Surely that would help us in a long way, imagine being in a foreign land and yet knowing what is going on around you with all the chitter chatter, and getting directions is a whole lot easier. Well, Samsung might have something up their sleeves that could […]

Sony OLED VR goggles make you look like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek
Sony recently demonstrated a virtual reality headset that they have been working on. A pair of futuristic looking glasses that pack two tiny OLED screens for you to experience HD video (1280 x 720) with integrated headphones that simulate high quality 5.1 channel surround sound. The two screens work together to give you an immersive 3D experience by presenting each eye with a slightly different image. Besides making you look […]

Sony Shows Glasses-Less OLED 3D TVs
Sony was demonstrating glasses-less OLED 3D capable displays in its booth. The demonstration was effective, and the color/brightness/contrast was really good (granted, the demo was done in a dark room). Sony had the good taste of using a fairly subtle demo instead of the video content that “pops” out. Although it was 24.5″ big, the 3D OLED display seemed fairly small during the demo. This is partly due to the […]

iPad 2 Display Suppliers Revealed, No AMOLED
DigiTimes is reporting that Coretronic will supply LG Display and Chimei Innolux with backlights for the next generation iPad 2 displays. Mention of a backlighting unit from Coretronic rules out any hope that Apple would switch over to an AMOLED display technology. In the past, Steve Jobs has stated that AMOLED displays did not perform well enough for the company, and Apple had opted for an IPS Retina Display on […]

Samsung Could Commercialize Rollable OLED TVs In 2013/14
Samsung Mobile Display’s senior manager, Kim Seong Cheol, has introduced a 0.2mm flexible AMOLED display that can be easily bent and the company is apparently capable of producing a 0.1mm thick (thin?) flexible AMOLED display. With such technology in place, Kim Seong Cheol said that they are able to commercialize a rolled up OLED TV in 2013 or 2014 and that sounds like something we’d be looking forward to. Samsung […]