Samsung To Increase Its AMOLED Production Capacity By Tenfold

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung Mobile Display will be using Samsung’s new $2.1 billion factory (that is currently in construction) to increase its display production. If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll most likely have heard of the OLED/AMOLED display shortage, most famously affecting HTC’s Droid Incredible inventory levels. With the bump in production, Samsung is looking to increase its production capacity from the current 3 million units to 30 million units per month, a juicy tenfold increase. With this increase, Samsung claims that every manufacturer will be able to use its Super AMOLED displays.Samsung is already expecting the demand for its AMOLED displays to increase in the coming years, with 700 million AMOLED devices expected to be in market by 2015. If Samsung is serious about those figures, it’s a good thing that the company is increasing its AMOLED production capacity.

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