There is no shortage of note-taking applications out there that work across a variety of platforms and offer cloud sync so that users easily get their notes across all of their devices. Microsoft’s OneNote is an app that provides similar features and over the recent past its popularity has grown significantly. Last year the app was made free though some of its features were locked behind a paywall.

Now that paywall has been taken down. Microsoft has made OneNote for both Mac and PC completely free which means users will no longer have to pay to access those features that they previously couldn’t on the free version.

There was some criticism initially when the app was offered free but some features were locked behind the paywall. These features included the ability to embed documents and other files inside OneNote, revert of view historical edits to a page and password protect important sections.

Now all of these features can be accessed for free if you’re using OneNote on a Mac or PC. Do keep in mind that the app doesn’t offer local storage so files won’t be stored in the computer’s storage rather they’ll reside in OneDrive.

Access will be available offline but users will first have to save the files to OneDrive and then enable offline access.

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