OnePlus 5 Will Be Discontinued Once It Has Been Sold Out

With the OnePlus 5T having been officially announced, we’re sure some are wondering what will become of the OnePlus 5? Does OnePlus plan on keeping two flagships around? One priced cheaper than the other? That’s pretty much the plan, at least for now until the OnePlus 5’s stock has been depleted.

The OnePlus 5T Could Avoid The OnePlus 5’s ‘Jelly’ Scrolling Effect

Earlier this year when the OnePlus 5 was launched, it seemed that some users had noticed a weird effect on the display when scrolling. It almost appeared to be jelly-like in nature and gave off the illusion that maybe the phone was lagging (it wasn’t). It was an odd effect and the good news is that the OnePlus 5T could avoid that issue.

OnePlus 5T Could Be More Expensive Than The OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5T will be the company’s next smartphone and this has been confirmed by OnePlus and their upcoming event in New York. However what is unclear is the pricing of the phone, which last we heard could be kept under $600, with some rumors suggesting that it could be priced the same as the OnePlus 5 whose base model starts at $479.

OnePlus 5T Launch Expected On November 16th

There have been a lot of rumors and reports about the OnePlus 5T recently. The company is expected to launch this new handset in the near future, even though OnePlus is yet to officially confirm the existence of this handset. A new leak suggests that the OnePlus 5T launch could take place on November 16th. Previous reports have also suggested that OnePlus might launch the new handset in the month […]


OnePlus 5T Leaked Render Hints At Bezel-Less Display

Ever since the OnePlus 5 went out of stock, there were rumors that perhaps the company is going to release a new handset soon. OnePlus did launch the OnePlus 3T around the same time last year so naturally, the rumors have been about a OnePlus 5T. The company itself has said nothing so far to suggest that it’s working on such a device. A new OnePlus 5T leaked render suggests […]

OnePlus 5 Oreo Beta Update Release Due Soon

OnePlus has been testing Android 8.0 Oreo beta firmware for its handsets but it’s yet to confirm precisely when the major Android update will be released publicly for compatible smartphones. OnePlus CEO Carl Pei was recently asked on Twitter when the company intended to release Android 8.0 beta for OnePlus. His response was that the beta update is going to be out “soon.”

OnePlus 5 Goes Out Of Stock, Fuels OnePlus 6 Rumors

OnePlus smartphones have generally been well received. That was the response from the market for the OnePlus 5 as well. If you decide to purchase one now you might find it difficult to get your hands on one, though. All models of the OnePlus 5 are now out of stock in the United States. The availability is very limited in other markets across the globe as well. This thus fuels […]

Limited Edition OnePlus 5 ‘The Callection’ Announced

The design of smartphones these days has indeed come a very long way from when they were first introduced, although in some cases we wouldn’t exactly call them fashionable, which is why some users choose to accessorize their smartphones with cases and keychains and what not, but OnePlus has you covered.

OnePlus 5 Video Stabilization Update Shown Off In Video

Take a look at our before and after 4K EIS update video. Even the liveliest of puppies can now be filmed with glorious stability! 🐶 — OnePlus UK (@OnePlus_UK) August 16, 2017 When it comes to video recording on our smartphones, having high-end phones feature some kind of image stabilization is almost a necessity. However for some reason the OnePlus 5 was launched without the feature, even though the […]

Limited Edition OnePlus 5 Soft Gold Available Starting Today

If you’ve been meaning to purchase the OnePlus 5 but didn’t want to buy it in the Midnight Black or Slate Gray color, perhaps the Soft Gold will entice you enough to open your wallet. The company today announced that the Limited Edition OnePlus 5 is available for purchase starting today. The company has decided to offer this color option with the OnePlus 5 after the popularity of the Soft […]

New OnePlus 5 Variant Teased

It has only been a month or so since OnePlus started selling its new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5. The much-awaited flagship killer has been well received. OnePlus is no stranger to launching new variants of its flagship devices in order to keep the hype going. If a recent post on the company’s official Facebook page is to be believed, it may be about to launch a new OnePlus variant […]

Next OnePlus 5 Update Will Improve Battery Life

If a new report is to be believed, OnePlus is working on a major firmware update for the OnePlus 5, its 2017 flagship smartphone. OnePlus is reportedly working on OxygenOS 4.6, the next major update for the handset. It’s said that the update will significantly improve battery life for the OnePlus 5. Who doesn’t love more battery life?

OnePlus Explains Reason Behind OnePlus 5 911 Bug

You might have heard that a bug was recently discovered in the OnePlus 5 in which for some users, trying to call 911 would force the phone into a reboot. This is clearly a pretty big problem, but thankfully OnePlus was quick with their response and a hotfix was pushed out several days later.

OnePlus 5 With 8GB RAM In Midnight Black Now Available Immediately

OnePlus customers have often had to wait for a considerable amount of time before the order that they’ve placed is actually dispatched. The company started off 2017 by saying that it was going to work hard to eliminate this problem and ensure that its devices are available for immediate dispatch, meaning that the units would ship merely hours after customers placed the order. It has been working towards that goal […]