Google Me on the Web

Admit it – you’ve Googled yourself before. At least once in your life. It’s only human to want to find out whether you have a presence online or if anybody has been talking about you. Well, Google knows this and has launched a new feature to make life easier for you folks. Called Me on the Web, this feature that is located in your Google Dashboard under account details lets you know who’s been talking about you.They’ve found a way to aggregate everything about you that’s available online, and have made it easy for you to check out. What you’ve posted online, and what other people have posted, tagged photos of you, replies to public status updates, your own status update – basically everything that identifies you online publicly, Google finds it and lets you know.

So while Me on the Web lets you know what’s on the internet that concerns you, it has some tips for those of you who would prefer to remain anonymous instead. Me on the Web provides links to resources that offer information on how you can control what third-party information is posted online about you (hopefully you won’t encounter any annoying webmasters that refuse to comply with your requests).
Me on the Web is available now, just head over to your Google Dashboard, look for account details and Me on the Web should be there. How often do you Google yourself?

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