Cryptocurrency values have skyrocketed over the past few months and this has caused a lot of bad apples to try and take advantage of the situation at others’ expense. It’s not uncommon for websites to include scripts now that hijack a user’s CPU resources in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Opera recently added cryptocurrency mining protections to its desktop web browser earlier this month and it’s now rolling out similar functionality for Opera Mini and Mobile.

The scripts that some websites have been using take advantage of a visitor’s CPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies. This happens in the background without the visitor’s knowledge and it’s not right at all.

What happens is that the computer’s CPU is used basically to make money for someone else. Since it puts immense load on the pressure, visitors find that their computers get slow and hot for no apparent reason.

Opera rolled out an update for its desktop browser earlier this month that brought cryptocurrency mining protections. Its cryptocurrency mining script blocker works in a manner similar to its ad blocker.

The company has now confirmed that it has rolled out its cryptocurrency mining protections to Opera Mini and Mobile for Android and the feature will be part of the browsers’ ad-blocking functionality. They are now able to block well known crypto scripts by default.

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