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Oppo N3 Camera Reminds Us Of Old School Nokias
The Oppo N3 is a smartphone that is well on its way, there is no doubt about that. The thing is, this particular device comes with a unique feature (in this day and age anyway) – which is a 16MP camera at the back that can swivel itself. Now, I am aware that this is not a new design at all, after all, wasn’t it King Solomon himself who said […]

Oppo N3 Announced
Another day, another new smartphone is announced, and this time around it would be the Oppo N3 that has been revealed to the masses. The Oppo N3 intends to continue where its predecessor, the Oppo N1, has left off, arriving with a swiveling camera in lieu of a couple of separate cameras – which is the usual modus operandi for most handsets out there, with their front as well as […]

Oppo N3 Teased Again On Facebook, Shows Off Fingerprint Scanner
The Oppo N3 is scheduled for a launch in Singapore come 29th of October, but in the meantime to help keep customers interested, Oppo has teased a steady stream of photos and information regarding the device. More recently, Oppo has posted a new teaser photo on their Facebook page which you can see in the image above.Basically it shows the blown-out view of the camera module that is expected to […]

Leaked Oppo N3 Photo Shows Off Fingerprint Scanner
The other day Oppo teased their upcoming Oppo N3 on Weibo. It showed the upper half of the phone and its swiveling camera, but what’s below? What could Oppo be hiding? Well in a newly leaked photo which you can see to your right, it looks like Oppo had a surprise feature that they were planning on announcing at their event.Towards the middle part of the phone, you can see […]


Oppo N3 To Sport 16MP Camera With 1/2.3-inch Sensor
Just yesterday Oppo teased their upcoming smartphone, the Oppo N3. The handset is expected to be announced later this month and from what we can tell in the teaser photo, the handset will feature a swiveling camera similar to that of the Oppo N1, but how many megapixels are we talking about?The previous rumors have suggested a 13MP camera, but it looks like that isn’t true. Instead would-be owners can […]

Oppo N3 Teased On Social Media
The Oppo N3 is said to be making an official appearance in Singapore come 29th of October, but in the meantime we guess it’s safe to say that many already know what the phone will look like, thanks to a series of leaks and rumors that have given it away. That being said, the latest photo comes courtesy of Oppo themselves who have posted photos of the handset on their […]

Realistic Looking Oppo N3 Spotted In The Wild
The Oppo N3 is an upcoming smartphone that is said to arrive in some form of lithium aluminum alloy for its chassis, although those who happen to have a more limited budget will also be pleased to hear that this particular device ought to also arrive with a more regular stainless steel model. Having said that, what you see above happens to be one of the more realistic images of […]

Oppo N3 Getting A Stainless Steel Version Too
It was earlier this week when rumors of Oppo’s upcoming smartphone, the Oppo N3, was tipped to arrive in due time with some sort of aerospace grade material, and that particular rumor was seemingly confirmed to feature lithium aluminum alloy as one of the main “ingredients”, so to speak, in the creation of its chassis. That sounds expensive, and so it is with a collective sigh of relief that we […]

Oppo N3 To Use Lithium Aluminum Alloy
I suppose with all the furore that is going on concerning the iPhone 6 Plus alongside its latest “feature” which allows it to have a flexible, bendable body whenever you place it in your pocket or if you were to exert a fair amount of force on the body, people would be taking a closer look at upcoming svelte handsets, wondering whether those too, will be easily malleable in the […]

Oppo N3 To Feature Aerospace Grade Material (Rumor)
It goes without saying that using normal plastic to manufacture the external chassis of your smartphone is not going to cut the mustard any more these days if you are going to compete on the high end side of things. Most of the flagship devices that we see these days will sport a milled aluminum chassis, or one that has quality metal accents at strategic places. Oppo of China does […]

Oppo N3 Image Leaked, Sports Rotating Camera
A smartphone with a rotating camera? Now where have we heard of this particular idea from before? I suppose you would have to roll back a fair number of years to the days when Nokia still commanded quite a large amount of the global mobile phone share, with the Nokia N90 sporting a unique form factor which is able to let you adjust where the camera points (within boundaries of […]