oppo-n3-stainless-steelIt was earlier this week when rumors of Oppo’s upcoming smartphone, the Oppo N3, was tipped to arrive in due time with some sort of aerospace grade material, and that particular rumor was seemingly confirmed to feature lithium aluminum alloy as one of the main “ingredients”, so to speak, in the creation of its chassis. That sounds expensive, and so it is with a collective sigh of relief that we hear the Oppo N3 will also arrive in a second variant – one that will carry something more down to earth, that is, rigid stainless steel that will help make sure the smartphone does not bend while it is in your pocket.

As at press time, it remains to be seen whether the lithium aluminum alloy or the rigid stainless steel models will come with similar hardware specifications as it is way too early to tell just yet, but one can speculate, yes?

After all, the hardware specifications sheet still remain mysteriously hidden away somewhere, and I am rather surprised that no one has managed to catch a leak of it somewhere – blurry photos or otherwise, not to mention a leaked benchmark result hiding somewhere. Ah well, there is not too much longer to wait, as it is said that the Oppo N3 will be announced next month.

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