oppo-n3The Oppo N3 is a smartphone that is well on its way, there is no doubt about that. The thing is, this particular device comes with a unique feature (in this day and age anyway) – which is a 16MP camera at the back that can swivel itself. Now, I am aware that this is not a new design at all, after all, wasn’t it King Solomon himself who said that there is nothing new under the sun? Nokia did come up with interesting phone models in the past that had a unique method of shooting video – like the Nokia 6260 and the Nokia N93.

The Oppo N3 will feature a 5.5” display to keep up with the times, a quad-core Snapdragon 801 with a quartet of 2.5GHz cores, 2GB RAM, a 3,000 mAh battery, and the aforementioned swiveling 16MP camera at the back.

This time around, Oppo has decided to work with Schneider Electric so that this camera will sport an added advantage – that it is motorized. In fact, the Oppo N3’s rear camera is able to rotate the sensor on its own – up to 206 degrees, so that you can shoot panoramic shots without the need to turn the device, since it can rotate on its own. It looks interesting enough, and we ought to see more steady looking panoramic shots with this one when it arrives.

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