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Verizon LG VS930 cameos, is actually an Optimus LTE II?
What you see above is the LG VS930, although for those who are extremely knowledgeable about the world of smartphones, you would be quick to point out that it is also known by another name – that is, the Optimus LTE II. This handset does seem to be the latter for Verizon Wireless, and when you consider that the Optimus LTE II’s predecessor is the VS920, it makes perfect sense […]

LG Optimus LTE II arrives in South Korea, sports 2GB RAM
The LG Optimus LTE II has arrived in South Korea, where it is touted to be the first smartphone that delivers 2GB RAM alongside LTE connectivity – something that the Samsung Galaxy S3 for Japan will be getting as well as announced earlier this morning. Why 2GB RAM? It is said that this amount of memory will deliver an optimal environment for multitasking capability, not to mention the ability to […]

LG Optimus True HD LTE arrives in Europe and Asia
The US is not necessarily the only market that deserves all the latest and greatest gadgets, and it is nice to see Europe and Asia gain a slice of the pie this time around with the announcement of the LG Optimus True HD LTE (even though the Optimus True HD LTE is already in the US, Canada, Japan and Korea). This popular LTE smartphone from LG will arrive specifically in […]

LG Optimus LTE (LU6200) spotted again
The LG Optimus LTE (LG LU6200) seems to be LG’s worst kept secret, as the phone has been surfacing like nobody’s business over the past week. Some new pictures have surfaced of the phone have surfaced again, and this time you get a clearer look at the phone’s hardware. This one sports chrome stylings as opposed to the all black version we’ve seen previously (unless the previous pictures showed black […]


Optimus mini six from Art Lebedev
Art Lebedev has certainly come some ways from the beginning, and while they do roll out computer peripherals with some pretty stunning designs, we do hope to see more frequent releases at a much more pocket-friendly price. Well, apparently the company is hard at work on a new companion keyboard this year, known as the Optimus mini six. This keyboard-side companion will resemble the mini three, relying on similar in-key […]

LG Optimus Black with 4-inch NOVA display goes official
[CES 2011] You might know of it as the LG B, but the phone has now gone official under the name of the Optimus Black. This phone is LG’s latest flagship Android phone and offers a 4-inch NOVA display, promising to be bright (700 nits) and energy efficient. While most slim phones tend to have less-impressive battery life, this phone features a 1,500mAh battery despite being just 9.2mm slim and […]

LG Plans $12 Billion Investment in Smartphones, Tablets, Displays
After a dismal third quarter and being late to announced a high-end flagship smartphone, LG is hoping that 2011 will be a better year; the smartphone-maker will be investing about $12.6 billion, or nearly 70 percent of its $18 billion investment, in 2011 in key consumer electronic businesses.The $12.6 billion investment would be dedicated to business units such as the mobile group, which includes smartphones, tablet computing devices, and advanced […]

LG Optimus 2X launched, in Korea
LG has just announced the launch of the LG Optimus 2X, a Tegra-powered cousin of the LG Star. The phone features 8GB of storage, a 4-inch WVGA display and a 1500mAh battery. Because it is powered by NVIDIA’s 1GHz Tegra processor, it can decode 1080p movies without a sweat (NVIDIA has demonstrated that many times). It can also display that content on the internal display and to an HDTV via […]

Sprint LG Optimus S with Android 2.2, Sprint ID Available on Nov. 7
The Sprint LG Optimus S, the third smartphone that Sprint had announced a month ago at CTIA with Sprint ID, will be available this Sunday on November 7th for U.S. residents. The sleek device will retail for $50 after a $100 mail-in rebate and on a two-year service agreement boasts modest specs, but comes with the latest version of Android with Froyo pre-loaded. Featuring a 3.2-inch screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, […]

Optimus Popularis sneak peek
Check out a clearer image of the upcoming Optimus Popularis display keyboard that is destined (keep your fingers crossed!) to be released before the year is over at best, or early next year at worst. It will retail for under $1,000, where pre-orders will be opened up to the masses sometime later this year. Every key looks set to get as much screen real estate as possible, including the spacebar. […]

Optimus Popularis Keyboard To Get More Touch-sensitive Keys
Are you looking forward to the upcoming Optimus Popularis keyboard from Art Lebedev Studio? The company has just stated that this upcoming keyboard should be easier to use than its larger Maximus brethren, as each key is fractions of an inch smaller in every direction, and the actual touch surface will run nearly to the edge of the keys. Such a move will apparently guarantee that the keys, which sport […]

Optimus Popularis keyboard will enter production this year, released in 2011
The folks at Art Lebedev really love taking their time, as their Optimus keyboard underwent a fair number of revisions before the final product as released to the masses just recently. The same applies to the Optimus Popularis keyboard that was spotted a couple of years ago, with word from Art Lebedev that it will finally enter production sometime later this year, with a 2011 release being likely, although not guaranteed. […]

Macbook Pro: GeForce 330M Always On in Windows 7
It looks like the Macbook Pro battery life “curse” under Windows is still haunting us, even with the most recent hardware release. The 2009 Macbook Pro had power management issues with the display (too bright) and the keyboard backlight (always on). Both issues have now been corrected (yay!). However, it seems that on the new Macbook Pro (Spring 2010), the GeForce 330M graphics processor is “always on” and sucking power instead […]

Asus N82J notebook gets Optimus graphics management
Asus’ latest multimedia-oriented notebook, the N82J, will be powered by a choice of Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors as well as having the Nvidia Optimus graphics management which allows you to seamlessly transit between a dedicated GeForce GT335M 1GB video card or an integrated Intel GPU, depending on your current needs. Apart from that, it might look rather normal on the outside, but its chassis can hold up […]