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Oracle Will Reportedly Be Managing TikTok’s US Operations
When it was announced that TikTok had to seek a US buyer or face potentially being banned in the US, Microsoft also announced that they were in talks to acquire the company. What was interesting is that Oracle, typically seen as a tech company aimed more at enterprise users, threw their hat into the ring as well.

Oracle Is Also Apparently Interested In TikTok
In order to remain operational in the US and to avoid a potential lengthy and drawn out lawsuit, TikTok’s owner ByteDance will most likely have to sell off the company. To date, Microsoft is the only company that has publicly expressed their interest in the platform, although last we heard, Twitter had also expressed some interest.

Jury Finds Google Doesn’t Owe Oracle For Using Java In Android
While the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit was probably one of the biggest lawsuits in the tech scene in the past few years, there was actually another lawsuit taking place that did not quite get the same publicity, and that was Google vs Oracle, in which the later claimed that Google owed them as much as $9.3 billion for using Java in their Android operating system.

Oracle To Google: Pay Up $9.3 Billion
It looks like tech giant Oracle intends another behemoth in the industry, Google, to fork out a whopping $9.3 billion as the former claims that the latter has made use of Java’s APIs in Android without paying a single cent to Oracle.


Oracle's Java Plugin Finally Bites The Dust
Oracle is finally hammering the last nail in Java plugin’s coffin. The web browser plugin has been around for a couple of decades now, it enabled developers to bring app-like functionality to web browsers, but the technology is outdated and isn’t really needed anymore. It has proven to be more of a headache recently due to security flaws and malware concerns. The company has confirmed that it’s going to remove […]

Oracle To Build Their Own High School To Educate Students On Tech
Educating kids about technology beyond merely how to use a computer is important these days. We have seen an increase in programs that advocate teaching programming to kids at a young age, along with apps designed to help get kids started on problem solving and developing their own algorithms.Taking things to the next level, tech company Oracle has announced their plans to build their very own high school next to […]

Four Of America's Top Five Best Paid Execs Work For Apple
Steve Jobs believed that innovation was fostered by hiring the right people and not by how many R&D dollars the company had. He made comparisons between Apple and IBM, when the original Mac came out IBM was spending a lot more on R&D, but the Mac held its ground firmly because it was a good product. Apple is certainly living by that motto, hiring the right people, but the right […]

New Java vulnerability found, could affect 1 billion users
Oracle has recently been at the receiving end of criticism when a zero-day exploit was discovered in Java, an exploit which we were told had been brought to Oracle’s notice months ago. Oracle broke its quarterly schedule to ship out a patch for the exploit once the web became abuzz with it. However, that doesn’t mark the end of Oracle’s Java woes.A security firm has revealed a new vulnerability in […]

Oracle ordered to pay Google’s legal fees
Oracle appears to be in for a rude awakening. Following the jury’s decision last month to ditch Oracle’s accusation that Google infringed the former’s patents and copyrights, we are hearing reports that Oracle has been asked to pay Google the legal fees it has spent during the trial. Business Insider reported that after Oracle attempted to get $6 billion from Google alleging that the search giant had ripped off Java […]

Oracle files lawsuit against Lodsys, hopes to invalidate all their patents
If you have been following patent lawsuits, then the company by the name of Lodsys should be one familiar to you. Just in case you forgot or if you were unaware, Lodsys is a company that many have described as being a patent troll. Basically they own the rights to several patents which they then use against developers or companies to sue them into licensing those patents. Just last year […]

Court rules that Java APIs are not copyrightable in Google vs Oracle case
A little over a week ago, we reported that in the legal battle between Google and Oracle, the jury ruled that while Google was guilty of infringing upon Oracle’s copyright, they did not infringe upon any of the company’s patents. Unfortunately one of the decisions that the jury could not come to a unanimous conclusion to was whether the copyrighted material Google infringed upon was covered under “fair use” and […]

Jury rules that Google did not infringe upon Oracle's patents
For those who might have been following the news, you guys are probably aware that one of the more prominent legal battles currently waged is between Oracle and Google, with the former accusing the latter of copyright infringement pertaining to Google’s Android mobile operating system. Well it looks like that legal battle could almost be over as the jury has come forward with a decision that ultimately stated that they […]

Judge moves Google vs Oracle trial to the damages phase
Remember last week we reported that the jury had found Google guilty of infringing on Oracle’s copyright? While this might sound like a victory for Oracle, at the same time the jury were unable to come to a decision as to whether Google’s use of the Java API went beyond “fair use” of Oracle’s copyright, ultimately resulting in a standoff in which Google asked for a mistrial, while Oracle requested […]

Oracle considered buying RIM or Palm at some point
Oracle is definitely not the first company that comes to mind when you think about smartphones, but it seems that at one point in time they were close to changing that perception. According to Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison, the company did at one point consider building a smartphone of its own and had RIM and Palm in its sights as potential acquisitions. However as it turns out, RIM was too […]