Oracle appears to be in for a rude awakening. Following the jury’s decision last month to ditch Oracle’s accusation that Google infringed the former’s patents and copyrights, we are hearing reports that Oracle has been asked to pay Google the legal fees it has spent during the trial. Business Insider reported that after Oracle attempted to get $6 billion from Google alleging that the search giant had ripped off Java code to build its Android operating system, Oracle eventually lost. Apparently the Redwood-based software company attempted to file a third complaint that didn’t convinced the judge. “Oracle has behaved unreasonably,” Judge William Alsup wrote.


Judge Alsup reportedly allowed the third attempt but ordered Oracle to pay Google’s legal fees and expenses. Google spokesman Jim Prosser said that the check Oracle cut for Google’s legal fees amounts to more than $300,000. “Oracle should be required to make the reimbursements described above as a condition of a third try because it would be unfair to impose on Google the fees and expenses necessary to respond to the third effort. Oracle has already had two full and fair opportunities and has overreached on both. Oracle has behaved unreasonably and should bear the burden of the consequences,” Judge Alsup ruled.

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