Oracle vs GoogleIf you have been following the legal battles waged between the giants in the tech industry, you might recall that sometime back in 2010 Oracle sued Google over the Android platform claiming that Google infringed upon their intellectual property covering the Java programming language, and for copyright infringement as well. If they were to succeed with their lawsuit, there is a good chance Oracle could walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars, which is why we guess we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that Google has attempted to offer Oracle a percentage of its Android revenue should Oracle win a patent infringement suit that is expected to be tried soon.


According to the reports, Google offered Oracle $2.8 million in damages over the two patents remaining in the case. They also offered in the form of future damages 0.5% of Android revenue until one patent expires, and 0.015% on a second patent which is set to expire in 2018. Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here, Oracle has reportedly rejected Google’s offer claiming that it was too low. Both Google and Oracle have until the 13th of April to reach a settlement so that potential jurors will not have to make a trip to court.

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