chitika-500x416Back in 2013 during Apple’s WWDC event, the Cupertino company unveiled OS X Mavericks which is Apple’s latest computer operating system at the moment. The OS was released later that year as a free upgrade for all Mac users whose computers could support it. It was a surprising move by Apple as previously they had charged for OS upgrades.

Naturally this led to more users opting to upgrading to Mavericks compared to previous builds where users might not be able to justify paying the upgrade fee. In fact last we heard, Mavericks managed to nab 6-8% of the OS X market within 24 hours of its release, which we have to say is pretty impressive.

Now according to the latest figures by Chitika, it has been reported that OS X Mavericks’ adoption rate is around 40%, at least in North American markets. Of course it should be noted that Chitika’s numbers don’t necessarily cover the entire North American market and let’s not forget that there are some Mac computers that cannot upgrade because their hardware is unable to support it.

At the same time the numbers are also pretty telling and it shows that with the free upgrade, more users have upgraded to the latest version of OS X from before. Previously OS X Mountain Lion only managed to achieve around 27% within the same time frame, so it looks like with the free upgrade, more users are biting.

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