os-x-mavericks-octoberIt is no secret that when it comes to operating systems for computers, Microsoft’s Windows platform is clearly the dominant software, leaving alternatives such as Linux, Unix, and Apple’s OS X platform to fight for whatever’s left. According to metrics company, Net Applications, it seems that while OS X Mavericks’ overall market share is still pretty low, at least compared to Windows, it has been climbing albeit slowly. Net Applications has found that in the month of November, OS X Mavericks managed to account for 2.42% of the overall desktop operating system market share.

This is a gain of 1.58 points during the month of November, a leap from its market share of 0.8% back in October. If there’s one main reason why OS X Mavericks is being widely adopted and that it is still growing, it could be because unlike previous upgrades, Apple has decided to make upgrading to OS X Mavericks (and future OS updates) free. Usually customers would either have to buy a new Mac computer to get the latest operating system, or pay a small fee like $20 to upgrade. In fact by going free, OS X Mavericks managed to nab 6-8% of the OS X market share in the first 24 hours of its release.

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