Apple seems to love their Retina display technology, and why not? It certainly makes surfing websites, playing games and watching videos a pleasure, but so far the technology has only made its way onto the iPhone 4/4S and the third-generation iPad, but it seems like that could change thanks to a source who revealed to Ars Technica that double-resolution icons were found in “unexpected places” in an early developer build of OS X Mountain Lion.

One such icon was discovered in the new Messages application, and there have apparently been more discoveries of double-resolution icons displaying incorrectly at twice their size in the second developer preview of Mountain Lion. Retina displays for Macs have been rumored for a while now, especially back in February where OS X 10.7.3 was released with high-DPI user interface elements, and traces all the way back to last year where it was reported that Apple was preparing a new MacBook Pro lineup with double-resolution displays, ultimately giving the 15” MacBook Pro a display resolution of a whopping 2,880×1,800, a resolution larger than the 27” iMac.

This is actually plausible as Apple has also been rumored to feature Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors that supports up to 4K resolution, but unfortunately as far as all rumors are concerned, even more so when it comes to Apple, they’re best taken with a grain of salt until more concrete evidence can be uncovered. In the mean time, what do you guys think of a possible Retina display series of Mac computers?

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