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Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP's desktop OS market share
According to the latest results of the desktop OS market share in the US for April 2011 collected by StatCounter, it looks like people are finally leaving Windows XP behind and getting an upgrade to Windows 7. For the first time since it became the most popular operating system around, Windows XP’s market share has been trumped by Windows 7. Windows 7 is now used on 31.71% of desktops in […]

Motorola to create its own OS?
Motorola has recently been on a hiring spree, adding experienced web engineers from Adobe and Apple to their payroll, reigniting old speculations of the company working on their own operating system. The rumors started last year when Motorola acquired Azingo, a mobile platform company and their latest moves have brought it up to the spotlight again. Motorola hasn’t denied the accusations but the company also mentioned that it was “committed […]

Google Chrome OS receives touch-friendly tab page
Google has always maintained that their Chrome Operating System will first see action on laptops while working on a tablet-friendly version later on, but it seems that developers have already started to work on what a future Chrome version might look like by throwing in an alternate new tab page that was specially designed for touchscreen equipped devices. Meant to run web apps instead of native desktop apps, that doesn’t […]

Asus to release Google Chrome netbooks?
Fans of Google’s Chrome OS might have a reason to rejoice soon. Asus, creators of some of the hottest selling netbooks around, has been rumored to be releasing new netbooks that run on Google’s Chrome OS. The rumored netbooks will come with 10″ or 11″ displays and will cost around $200-$250, and possibly subsidized to $0 if paired up with a 3G contract. Despite the limited capabilities of the Chrome […]


Fuduntu OS supports Flash 10.2 now
The Fuduntu operating system (something you don’t hear of every day) is actually a lightweight operating system that was specially designed for netbooks as well as other forms of portable computers. This operating system is based on Fedora Linux, and as its name suggests, ought to serve a rather familiar feel to Ubuntu Linux users. Over the weekend, Fuduntu 14.9 was released, where it will now offer support for Google’s […]

Retractable Mobile Solar Unit can be used to provide electricity in emergencies
If there’s one thing inconvenient about solar panels it’s that they’re huge and impractical to bring around with you. Well the folks in OS, Japan, have come up with something called the Mobile Solar Unit GSR-110B – a portable power generation system that makes use of solar power to recharge its batteries. What’s interesting about this device is that it has a retractable solar panel that users can easily pull […]

All HP PCs to run webOS in 2012
According to reports online, HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker announced that in 2012 – every HP PC will be able to run webOS as an integrated experience. What this really means is quite uncertain – either all HP PCs will ship with webOS as the main operating system or webOS will be an integrated user interface/shell that runs over or is integrated within Windows. What we do know is that HP […]

Jolicloud runs on Dell Inspiron Duo
A Dell Inspiron Duo was recently caught running the Jolicloud operating system, as this Linux-based OS that was originally meant for netbooks has been proven to run on a convertible tablet model as well. Of course, it goes without saying that the 1.5GHz Intel Atom dual core processor that runs proceedings from within are more than enough to keep things going at a pretty smooth rate, while its 10-inch, 1366 […]

Asus has a Secret Weapon against the iPad
In a recent interview with IDG, Jonny Shih -the chairman of ASUS- has mentioned that his company is working on a “Secret Weapon” that no one has seen yet, but that the world will soon see as we get closer to the launch date.He also said that he already knows about some details of the upcoming iPad 2, such as details about the system on a chip (SoC) that the […]

Dragonfly MacBook Pro Clone Gets OS X Upgrade
We’ve previously seen a pretty good looking MacBook Pro clone from Dragonfly and now the company has tweaked the device to resemble the real deal even closer. While the original clone (this sounds so contradictory) features a Dragonfly logo on the lid, it now features the iconic Apple logo and is powered by OS X 10.6 instead of Windows. There are still some telltale signs of it being a clone, […]

iPhone users spend most with their credit cards among other smartphone owners
If you happen to own a smartphone, chances are pretty high that you will fall under one of the four categories – iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS or Windows Phone 7. Just what kind of inference can you get from this three different groups of people? Well, data collected by personal finance service Pageonce does point towards the average iPhone users charging around $6,872 to their credit cards each month, while […]

Ubuntu 11.04 sees off GNOME interface with Unity
Ubuntu 11.04 will replace its GNOME interface with Unity, which is a totally new interface that sees action in Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. GNOME might come with panels at the top and bottom of the display, but Unity will instead feature a top panel and a panel on the left side that can be utilized to launch apps as well as access already running apps in a jiffy. While Unity […]

Jolicloud 1.1 looked at in greater detail
The Jolicloud 1.1 will be the logical upgrade of Jolicloud 1.0, where it will feature components that will help improve battery life, system stability, supported hardware, and overall quality of the operating system. Not only that, it will be able to play nice with several exotic components such as Nvidia ION, Intel Poulsbo, and touchscreen displays, boasting enhanced support for the latest CPU hardware including the recently released Atom N550. […]

Jolicloud 1.1 is no longer a netbook exclusive
Jolicloud, the Linux-based operating system which is now in version 1.1, will no longer be limited to just netbooks, as it is now able to support a myriad of desktops, notebook, and tablet computers if you’re so inclined. Each installation of Jolicloud will come with the Google Chromium web browser (the open source development version of Chrome), alongside support for Adobe Flash. Not only that, it has a kind of […]